Reminder to Zandalari Trolls fresh new alts

Just a tip to all those, like myself, who will be rolling fresh Zandalari Troll alts; based on my time on the PTR lately. I’ve written a few tips to ease the leveling experience!

When you first zone in, you’ll appear at the Great Seal in Zuldazar. You’ll immediately see a portal heading to Orgrimmar, but don’t take that portal right away! Go pick your Loa first!!

One of the arguably best racials in the game is the Zandalari Troll racial: Embrace of the Loa.
Picking your loa will grant you a buff. To change your loa you need to visit the shrine in Zuldazar. The cool down is 5 days so during your leveling time, make sure you pick the loa that best fits your needs.

Wowhead has a great article describing each, along with the location of each shrine:

For a rough summary, here is what each Loa does:
Akunda - healer buff - chance to get an extra healing amt.
Bwonsamdi - shadow dmg proc and heals you for the damage.
Gonk - movement speed boost
Kimbul - DOT buff - bleed damage that can stack up to 3 times
Krag’wa - tanking buff - proc to increase health and armor
Pa’ku - burst buff - boost to crit

Also, don’t forget you can also purchase experience bonus potions with 5 Honorbound Service Medals or 7th Legion Service Medals on your main:

These are Bind on Account so you can purchase these on your main(s) and mail them to your new Zandalari Troll. These are likely much cheaper than the Elixir of the Rapid Mind as many of you will have better access to service medals than the thousands of gold the former potions will be selling for on the auction. Be sure to run a few Incursions before patch day and you can stockpile up on some of these handy boosts! The vendors are right near the Warfront command tables.

Those are the two big reminders I’ll be keeping in mind this coming patch day. Good luck to all our new Zandalari Trolls AND Kul Tiran humans!!


Also, if you have Heirlooms from the Siege of Orgrimmar from Garrosh, they come with a prismatic socket. There’s a gem you can put into them to increase EXP gains between levels 111-119 I believe.




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There’s a gem? :slight_smile:

Also, can we admit it’s a nice little bit of RP that you need to choose your loa for a blessing, rather than just invoking them on the spot?


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Agree! I only wish that we had a few more loa to pick from. My survival hunter wants to worship Gral, the Shark Loa!

I’m also a little surprised we didn’t get the Loa Blessing of Jani. - extra gold or grey items dropped from monsters?

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I think Jani herself is viewed more as a Loa for the poor. A nuisance to the upper classes and the actual, visible priests in gold-cloth and whatnot.

Or it was already too many loa to choose from. Who knows! Though they already loot extra gold as a racial, don’t they?

The Blessing of Jani should’ve been some kind of auto-conversion of grey trash items into Jani CoinsTM that you can use as a currency to buy some fun little trinkets.

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Jani is too powerful to grant their blessing. It’d be far too OP. There would be no Alliance. We would all roll Zandalari for Jani’s blessing.


True servants of Jani know that to serve the God of Garbage is it’s own reward. I will light the incense at the statues of these other loa, and then use their powers to aid the ones they’ve forgotten.


Here is a question that embrace of the loa. I see poeple say the cool down is 5 days but how long do the buff last? Is it 5 days, 1 day, or lasts till I change it?

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Huh, I didn’t know you had to choose a loa. That’s nifty! Thanks for the guide OP.

I must admit though, imma be a traitor to my faction and focus on Kul Tirans first. So hyped :stuck_out_tongue:

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As far as I can tell from Wowhead and the PTR, it lasts permanently until you pick another Loa.

The cool down is more so you don’t swap Loas to suit a variety of situations.
Originally on the PTR you could change Loas willy nilly.

Thanks for that answer bone brother! Cant wait for tomorrow.

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For some odd reason, I’m rather excited to roll a troll. Now, to finish the grind to exalted!.. and find a troll rp guild.