Reminder: Tier 5 Raid Tuning Coming Next Week

You don’t need to defend them like this. People were asking for transfer options over the summer. There’s a reason why that wasn’t answered until a month ago. The bottom line speaks loudest.

Source on their income drop?

Drop? They make more money on the guy that spends $25 to transfer lol.

Let me ask you something simple…which number is higher? 15 or 25?

You said they opened up transfers because their bottom line.

I was assuming you meant people stopped transferring.

Also they opened up transfers because of Endwalker, atleast the timing was spot on to make it look like it anyway.

Imagine you’re in charge of the company making money. Do you open transfers when the servers are starting to die or do you wait until a sizable percentage of that server has paid to transfer?

I can’t believe that you’re having so much trouble with this. What kind of work do you do?

He said something along the lines of “be careful asking for too many servers because it’ll bite you in the behind”

People then demanded more servers to offset the temporary queues. Now people are cramming into 3 servers instead of playing on servers with perfectly healthy populations (until people panic transfer ofc)

“From the start of planning for this launch, we’ve tried to prioritize the long-term health of our realm communities, recognizing that if we undershot the mark in terms of launch servers, we could move quickly to add additional realms in the opening hours,” he told players. “But if we went out with too many servers, weeks or months down the line we’d have a much tougher problem to solve. While we have tools like free character transfers available as a long-term solution to underpopulated realms, everything about that process would be tremendously disruptive to realm communities, and so it’s something we want to avoid as much as possible. Thus, we took the path of launching with few enough realms to still thrive in the event that our most conservative estimates ended up proving accurate, while having enough servers ready to activate at a moment’s notice if needed. And clearly they were, and are, needed.”

Frack this change.

People arent quitting because of their servers.

You really think Bene got 20,000 players on it because people rerolled?

They all paid to xfer their because they WANT to play WOW.

I can’t believe that you’re having so much trouble with this. What kind of work do you do?

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Ofc because why not open more servers if thats what people wanted because in the long run that just means more xfer money kekw.

They were literally asking for servers to be ruined and Blizzard “gave” them what THEY wanted.

You cant fix the player base, no matter what options are used people will still have an issue with it.

You open up free transfers and then servers get ruined.

You open up transfers and then lock them at a certain point people get mad because their friends got out and they are now stuck.

You offer paid xfers and no one is happy because they have to pay.

Literally it doesnt matter what anyone comes up with.

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I’m rarely shocked by the things I read on the internet, but how can you believe that people aren’t quitting because of the servers lol? Jesus…you’ll never lose money underestimating the average person’s intelligence.

Im not saying people arent quitting i know you are going to take everything i say as “literal”, im just not here claiming that 90% of people are quitting because their servers became trash.

People quit all the time and you have 0 information or stats on why they quit, Blizzard does if they fill out the survey.

Your whole “stats” are an opinion formulated by you not being able to afford $25 to play the game on a better server.

You havent quit yet, why not? The games terrible and the servers are all terrible right?

Im on a 75/25 server just chillin going 10/10 every week, you hiding on an alt doing nothing, im living rent free.

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What, man? Dead server threads left and right and you think nobody is quitting over that?

It’s hard for him to speak when his mouth is full.

Its not that i dont think people are quitting its that i dont think a large enough majority of people are quitting because of their servers.

Pay $25 to have 100% server stability is a small price to pay.

You either want to play WOW or you dont, either way $25 isnt making that decision.

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I actually hate Blizzard as a company, im just not dumb enough to think anything they do will solve your issues, you would cry no matter what “fix” they implemented.

Your gag reflex must be excellent.

Says the guy crying but still paying haha!

Ion said it about retail in reference to PvP. It was quoted on these forums just before Blizzard intervened and implemented HvH. So really they don’t have a philosophy at all except do as little work as possible while making as much money as possible.

Except that doesn’t guarantee a stable server. People have spent that money several times over to move all their characters only to be faced with the decision to do it again or quit. No one should have to depend on other customers for server stability - that should be on the company. Faction locks and merging dying servers is a no brainer.

Honestly I think anyone who pays to move servers at this point is out of their mind.

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I don’t get the point of nerfing now and then releasing t6 in 2? months.

Don’t nerf now, put nerfs plus Hyjal on the ptr, and then release that in a month. Release BT in another month. Makes more sense to me than having multiple versions of T5. Not to mention raiding pop will probably go down over December anyways because it will no matter what.

The whole thing seems rather reactionary and not likely to make anyone happy. Fixing the server problems would be more helpful. Letting anyone transfer to any server would be best for gameplay at this point. Maybe a 1 month cd. Except that isn’t good for profits, so we get this artificial revenue source Blizz is still milking all these years later.