Reminder: Tier 5 Raid Tuning Coming Next Week

When you get a little older maybe you will understand not everything is black and white and two things can be true

  1. they wanted the p3 nerfs to come at the start of P3 or atleast with a 2+ week warning so guilds who were 8/10 could try for one last push with ample time

  2. the original pre-P3 nerfs were changes to KT, Vashj and Tidewalker if this is no longer the case, please outline what nerfs you will be deploying on Tuesday, no changes without fair warning/communication on the blizzard forums.

BOTH of these are what the player base wanted, BOTH of these simply require upfront communication and fair warning (of normally 2+ weeks). These are not child rants its how to conduct your business professionally.

Now i already assume when they say “final nerfs” they mean the P3 patch nerfs are comming earlier than expected… or P3 is now comming earlier than expected as a whole since the pre-pre-nerfs would mean P3 release late Jan or early feb as speculated.

Of course no one will expect P3 to come out from Dec 15-Jan 2/3rd for obvious reasons and initial speculation was the tide/vashj/KT nerfs come Dec 14 which leads to Jan 3-8th P3 is put on PTR with release in late Jan or early feb. This would have been a long time, so now with P3 nerfs comming Dec 14 and PTR going up now this means P3 should kick off early/mid Jan which is probably the timeline blizzard wanted.

You’re also in a dad guild.

awww look someone that took the time to actually look me up on logs savoring at the mouth to find the lowest number possible to attack someone on the forums in the desperate attempt to contradict themselves by in fact judging with total disregard. I dont always judge boomkins but when I do I take a useless number out of context that totally dismisses tier gear, mana pools, and relevancy. Good job!


Yea and he wasn’t even right.

Your average parse is a 68.3

Don’t delete your post keep that same energy.

This is a misconception, in 2.2 the advisors were nerfed by 50% for phase 1 only. Phase 3 will be a 10% HP nerf.

Just want to be clear-- the “post-nerf” versions of the encounters unlocking with the next raid reset are the fights as they existed in Original Burning Crusade version 2.4.3.


Cool beans


Thanks for clearing up the confusion.

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It doesnt matter. They have said its happening. Its happening. Everyone being up in arms is wild.

So no persuation on vashj at all?

Anyone got a link to ANYTHING that actually lists what happened to these raids in 2.4.3 compared to now. Cause the devs sure aren’t planning to say a word about it, and searching the interwebs is somehow really not helping, at least for me

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So, like, not what you said would be happening. Got it.

They were only nerfing 3 bosses prior to this post.


No… That’d be persuasion but with CC

There is no persuasion in 2.4.3 Vashj.

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What you have on the PTR right now and what you are saying are 2 different things.

Is Solarian going to do Light of the Astromancer? She currently isn’t on PTR from what I have seen.

Is Al’ar going to do Dive Bomb instead of Meteor?


That’s what I was reading. vashj 2.4.3 did not mind control, and bats were killable, not that it’d even be needed with a 90 second phase 3.

People actually kill bats??

Seems like a waste of time.

there health drops to like 1,300-1,600 so a multi shot removes the poison from the fight entirely basically, though it shouldnt matter either way.

With her hp nerf, no more mind controls and nerfed poison I feel like it’s just pointless to care about the bats.

Says who?

I mean I think people being upset about the nerfs solely because they don’t want content nerfed for other players are a bit over the top, but there’s also guilds working on full clearing T5, or even with the slight nerfs that were supposed to be coming compared to making it faceroll. Everyone handles nerfs differently, some want that prestige, and others are like whatever.

We got 10/10 last night and I’m so over Vashj and how she is designed. From that perspective I’m actually fairly ok with the nerfs going live because I got the “prestige” of a full clear before any nerfs and now I get to do full clear blasts until T6. Makes my life easier.

What I am not a fan of is just how Blizzard is so weirdly incompetent about what they say they are doing versus what they are actually doing. This legit bugs me on that principle. It’s just such a weird unforced error in a time when they don’t have the goodwill to be making them.

P3 turns into a slightly more dangerous version of P1 which took my guild about 1.5 minutes to get through and that’s ignoring the HP nerf on top of the fact that we did the pillar setup strategy which mean we spent a solid 10-15 seconds going slow while we positioned her.

Going into the nerfed version P3 shouldn’t even last a minute. The adds won’t be up so you’ll just lust and melt her.