Reminder for Alliance to boycott Bgs tomorrow

Except that isn’t how the honor system works at all. It compared the honor you made that week, compared to the honor of everyone on your server and your faction made that week.

Presuming of 100 people on a server they all farm 1k honor, but one guy farms 2k, he’s going to get the same standing and rank points as a guy who got standing 1 on Faerlina who farmed 500k honor that week.

It’s simply a matter of who can get in faster wins and more games amounting to more honor while getting more honor in their downtimes. Both factions will rank at the same speed. If the bracket 1 players on Faerlina aren’t getting much bgs, the other players aren’t either. Leading to less honor gained overall, but all that matters is your standing and bracket which are tied together.

However if the Alliance on Faerlina are getting queues twice as fast it will not matter because you are only compared to your faction on your server. If the Alliance on Faerlina are farming 1 million honor for their top players, but the top players on Horde are getting 500k, it is still the same rank points for that bracket.

Cross Realm BGs, so PvP Alliance have to put up with PvE Alliance (note; alliance tend to be overwhelmingly dominant in pve servers) in non premades and PvP Horde get to farm PvE Alliance.

Basically, Cross Realm BGs give the PvP dominant faction the opportunity to farm players who are only PvPing casually while the majority of PvP alliance continue to have to fight a majority PvP Focused horde.

Note, that PvE servers bring the faction ratios slightly to alliance dominant so Alliance actually will be the ones waiting in queues, despite being the minority in PvP Focus.

That’s the CD.

I only need one. The only thing my pvp trinket is worth using for is Polymorph against mages because the Fear and Charm removal is useless compared to Will. A priest won’t live long enough to get off two fears. A warlock won’t either at this gear level and he also has to get off a 1.5 sec cast through a neverending stunlock as well as me pooling 25 energy ready for a kick. Warrior fear cd is longer than the fight will last.

Right, because I didn’t roll Faerlina Horde with friends I knew from private servers or anything. . . I rolled Human Rogue on Nostalrius PvP, then when I went Light’s Hope with some friends we went Alliance specifically for the PvE benefits of having sword specialization and paladins because Salv, Kings, and Might were more necessary for us. Our DPS without Salv would have overthreated on Horde every single pull.

For a mage player you go against the “generally intelligent” stereotype because you’re pretty dumb.

if they can’t get into BGs, wont they just keep camping FPs and such, you know, the thing that you’re boycotting for?

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crossrealm bgs? where did they say this

was it always supposed to be xrealm BGs? i thought it was only same realm

Lol. Oh this one’s rich. You can churn this idea out of that whirlpool of grey matter but a month ago you couldn’t think to organize, fight back, or avoid it altogether on a pve server? GG.
Like molecules and people tend to clump together. You guys sure this isn’t what’s going on here? :rofl:

I see one lvl 13 alliance mage, and literally 0 other alliance agreeing with them.
I dont know about your servers, but on Herod alliance have actually been quite formidable even with lower numbers.

I think that was the plan all along.

One of the Classic devs also mentioned it during an earlier Q&A.

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Yeah it’s been known since they announced the phase system that they were doing cross realm bgs day one they were in.

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Was probably a good idea before launch when they thought the game would be dead so we would need cross realm.

With most realm pops could probably do without it.

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I played this on Horde and had 10-15 min ques while with merc mode had like 2-5 minute ques.

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LOL… guess we all know which side all the millennial snowfakes play huh?

Feels like 20 seconds every 3 minutes I can use a proactive ability that may or may not have been helpful and can be seen to be used by the enemy, unlike WOTF on both counts.

Not sure what sword spec has to do with pvp, but I’ll admit the rep bonus is nice despite not offering a combat advantage.

Your boycott is doomed to fail.

I’d bet a higher percentage of Alliance will be queueing for BGs compared to Horde, on the first day at least.

So pathetic. Grow a spine.

This is just stupid. My guess is Horde will get swiftly put in their place when their numbers advantage is removed in BGs. Take your frustrations to the battlefield.


Horde will camp bg entrances and nothing will change imo. Heck, bg entrance camping might end up being the alpha honor farming scenario.

No, no, no, no, no…you want to TURTLE for HOURS and HOURS and HOURS, get your rep rewards and boycott WSG (unless you’re doing premades). AV is tilted towards alliance hard, just cover the backdoor jump with some ranged and healers so they can’t cheese inside the base.