Remembrance: A guild from days past


Just curious if there are any lingering members from the guild Remembrance wondering the barrens. I once went by Chubbis the orc warrior, Locktite the tauren shaman, and Dulgaar the orc hunter. It has been many many years since I played on Kael’thas though I still remember the time I spent in the first guild I ever joined upon delving into the world that would become my home for many years . I know we all moved on to other guilds , other characters , other servers , or other things outside of the World of Warcraft, though if any of you are still around know that you were my first WoW family and that you showed me how much a guild could mean to someone . Dawn on her warrior Ash and later her hunter Lira who will always mean more to me than she will probably ever know . Lavel the Warlock who introduced me to the book series with over 30+ books and is still my favorite book series of all time. Pipelayer or Pipeslayer (think you were both?) and what I took back then for a tough grouchy orc. If by some miracle of a chance any of you guys read this, thank you for creating a love for a world and cementing the concept that a guild can be like a family.