Rematch question about sharing teams

I just got a new computer and want to copy all of my Rematch teams from old computer to the new computer. What is the best/easiest way to accomplish this?

I found something on how to export & import teams using the app but is there a way to export/import ALL teams? Also, I’m using a jump drive to copy teams to share with new computer. (Note: I’m using 2 Macs)

This is what I did so far:

Computer A
load game
open Rematch → export teams
copied text & save to jump drive

Computer B
Load game
open Rematch → import teams → paste text
ERROR: This is not a recognizable team

I think I figured ut out…

I’m posting this for other Mac users: I was copying the exported teams as a PDF. Once I copied it into Pages, and formatted it as a Word document, THEN I was able to copy the teams and paste into Rematch.

The Backup All Teams from the Teams button at the top should export all teams across all tabs. I don’t know why the import failed for the teams you did export.

In your case I recommend doing a copy of the WTF file from the old computer to the new. This has the benefit of copying all your settings, your leveling queue, tab definitions, etc. in addition to teams:

World of Warcraft_retail_\WTF\Account%youraccountname%\SavedVariables\Rematch.lua

While exited out of the game completely on the new computer, copy that file to the same location from the old to the new. If you copy this while logged in to WoW on the new computer it will have no effect since you will overwrite it with logged-in data when you logout/exit.


Its been more than a decade since I’ve done something like that but will give it a shot. Thank you for the guidance. :smiley:

Update 11/19/22:

I have done this done three times now and the teams data (Rematch.lua) from the old computer will NOT copy teams to the new computer (the file copies over but when I open Rematch all my teams are gone). In fact, it even wiped out the re-built teams I had spent days to recreate on the new computer. The only thing I can think is that the old computer is running an older version of WOW (new computer is running lettest version) , since the old computer is too old for updates. Maybe the different in game versions is somehow preventing this?

Update: I feel like a goofball :crazy_face: I just downloaded the lattest version of Rematch and all my teams are back!!! YIPPEE! :smiley:

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