Rematch 5 beta

Pet Battle Scripts is a separate addon. It was updated also.

My scripts seem to be there ingame, but I can’t utilize them. I do use Battle Pet Binds, but I can’t start the script any longer.

Both addons are going through updates. You’re best bet for scripts is to check with the script addon author and let him know what issue you are running into. It’s probably just an early bug since both addons are changing at the same time.

Just an update, as of day it worked fine. Switched between the two as normal. Might have been something on my end as a conflict with other add-ons, I do use a bunch. :smiley: Again an awesome add-on, thanks.


Rematch is one of my favorite addons. I use it daily. Thank you!

Since the update, I am not able to keep the small “notes” window open when I close the main pet journal window. Previously i was able to do this. Is there a command or setting I can change so I can keep the notes window open even if I close the main window?


In Notes Options see if ‘Keep Notes On Screen’ is checked. Unfortunately it looks like this may be one setting that didn’t carry over from Rematch 4.

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Heya! I haven’t updated, so I can’t help look, but this person in the Secret Finder’s Discord was wondering if there was an option to bring back displaying the pets on the import teams option

There is presently no option. I can look into adding them back when importing a single team.

edit: It will be in update tonight. And I remember why I took it out; the dialog is kind of long.

Pets will show only for single team imports. If the import is a group with a single team it will display a slightly different dialog which is already as long as the one above so it won’t include pets. Someday multi-group/team imports will display a scrollable list of all groups/teams being imported (albeit not abilities) and groups that contain a single team will fall into this category.

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Passed it along, ty ty ^^

Hi Gello!

Thank you for updating Rematch, I’m still getting used to it.

I do have an issue since this update I ran into tonight. I use the “Rematch string” on Xufu’s site for importing teams. It’s not allowing the team to be made. Am I doing something wrong? I’m pasting the team with ctrl + v.

It’s the colon in the team name.

I’ll let Gello or someone else who has dug into it explain the whichness of the why, but in parsing the team definition, the colon in the name now causes Rematch to complain.

If you remove the colon and edit

Fight Night: Bodhi Sunwayver
to be

Fight Night Bodhi Sunwayver

It will import fine.


Yeah the colon is the problem. It’s a bug in the new version. I should have an update going up this weekend that includes a fix for this.


Thanks to both of you! I’ll give 'er a try. I downgraded to Rematch 4 to import the team I wanted but will try it out when I log back in.

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Forgot to let you both know, it worked! Thank you SOOOOO much!

This (and a few other) issues are fixed in 5.0.2 update posted today. You should be able to import all teams without editing anything.

As an aside, teams with a colon in their name exported in 5.0.0 or 5.0.1 may have a semicolon instead of a colon. Teams can still be imported fine with the semicolon no problem, but this substitution will no longer happen.

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Just wanted to add my thanks for this addon. I didn’t enjoy pet battling much until I discovered it, and it’s been a big help.

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Fantastic addon!
One note: after update, now when I mouse over the available breeds, I get a percentage of stat distribution, not the actual stats. the percentages, when I’m trying to decide what breed to keep/buy, are not a priority, the stats are. If I could switch this out that would be great. If it’s a different addon interfering or setting I can’t find it.

Is that supplied by the separate addon Battle Pet BreedID? It integrates with Rematch.

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Jere is correct that’s provided by the breed addon. Battle Pet Breed ID has actual stats per breed.

Pet Tracker provides percentage distributions like 20% health, 45% power, 20% speed.
Battle Pet Breed ID provides actual stats like 1384 health, 322 power, 257 speed.

If you have both of those addons enabled, you can go to options → Breed Options → Breed Source and choose which you prefer.

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Ah. That’s the issue then . I updated that addon just before the new rematch and it wasn’t an option in the dropdown before. I just updated it and now it’s showing. Thanks!

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