Rematch 5 beta

For anyone that uses the addon Rematch, an entirely new version (Rematch 5) will likely be leaving beta in the coming weeks. Before it does, I’d feel more comfortable with more testing if anyone here is interested.

You can download it at one of these links:

On the curseforge client I believe you can also switch to the beta channel if you’d like.

Any and all feedback/bug reports is welcome at one of the above two sites or at this thread on

(I’d like to avoid making these official forums a support venue for multiple reasons.)


  • Backing up your WTF folder is optional but recommended if you’re comfortable with that. (All of Rematch’s saved data is in World of Warcraft/retail/WTF/Account/%youraccountname%/SavedVariables/Rematch.lua.)
  • The most important testing is that all teams and queues go through the Rematch 4 to Rematch 5 upgrade seamlessly. I’d like to make 100% sure that when this goes live, nobody will lose their team or queue. (There are A LOT of changes under the hood that necessitate rebuilding.)
  • If you do lose your teams or queue, please let me know. You can then revert to the “live” Rematch (version 4.15 or greater) and everything should revert to what you had before the upgrade, teams and queue restored. (But any changes you made while in Rematch 5 will not carry backwards to the prior versions.)
  • The addon Pet Battle Scripts is a separate project I’m not affiliated with and it’s incompatible with Rematch 5 at the moment. If you depend on this addon, you may want to hold off on trying this beta or watch this github issue to track its status:

A highlight of changes include (but is not limited to):

General UI

  • A more polished and consistent UI using modern elements like scrollboxes and views, while keeping a familiar look and feel
  • The toolbar now includes more buttons, including rarity and leveling stones (that automatically change based on summoned pet and stones you have), a Load Random Pets button (that will load a random counter team for targets with known pets), and a pet satchel button to cycle through buttons in more compact views
  • Tooltips now have an option for a delayed mouseover reaction speed (Slow, Normal, Fast) like pet cards and ability tooltips
  • Throughout the UI, text in the dark blue “rare” color is a little bit brighter to make it easier to read against dark backgrounds
  • Lists (pets, teams, targets, queue) can be separately made compact while other lists remain in their normal size

Standalone Window

  • The standalone window can now be expanded into three panels like the journal, while still collapsible down to two or one panels (or minimized)
  • Tabs now align with the chosen anchor (eg. bottomright anchor will move tabs to bottomright)
  • The standalone window can now be anchored to center top and center bottom in addition to the four corners


  • Pets can be marked and filtered with a “Pet Marker” similar to the target/world markers (skull, cross, star, etc.)
  • From the filter menu, pet markers can be renamed to use for whatever purpose you want. Rename star to “Pets to Buy”, skull to “Tier 1 Pets”, etc.
  • A list of filtered pets can be exported from the pet filter menu, optionally as a csv of their stats such as rarity, level and breed
  • Pets can now be sorted by three levels of sort instead of one
  • The number of teams a pet belongs to is now a sort option
  • Compact pet lists are now styled more similarly to the normal-sized pet lists

Pet Cards

  • Pet cards are now minimizable for a more compact view of a pet’s stats and abilities
  • More options to “flip” a pet card over, including changing modifier key or requiring a click
  • Background art for pet cards now include portrait, icon, pet type or no art in addition to expansion art
  • Pets of the 350+ notable targets now display their rarity and stats on the pet card, with abilities adjusted for their stats
  • Ability tooltips now have an option for background art of its icon or pet type


  • Teams can now contain multiple targets
  • Teams are now organized into unlimited, scrollable, collapsable groups with up to 15 of them being shown as team tabs
  • Teams and groups can be picked up onto the mouse and reorganized by drag and drop, much like pets in the queue
  • In addition to drag and drop, a Team Herder tool from the Teams button allows easily moving many teams to other groups with simple clicks
  • Team groups can be colored and teams within can inherit their color
  • Leveling preferences and win records properties are now within the team edit dialog and not separate tooltips/dialogs


  • Targets can now be assigned to multiple teams, with a priority order of teams you can reorder
  • The target list is now in its own tab with targets colored by the expansion they’re from
  • Random counter pets can be loaded for any of the 350+ known targets to randomly pick high-level pets that are Strong Vs and Tough Vs the target’s pets
  • When targeting something with more than one team, the target panel will display the topmost team with buttons to cycle through other teams
  • When targeting wild pets, the target panel at the top will now display the pet for viewing its pet card and abilities before you battle
  • Notable targets with known pets will always display their pets in the target panel in modes that always display the target panel
  • Target models in the target panel are now displayed as their better-curated 2D portrait

Leveling Queue

  • A new Default Preferences in addition to Team and Group Preferences allows setting criteria regardless of the team loaded (such as a global max level for the queue)
  • The queue now uses a stable sort by default so all things being equal, pets remain in the order they were added/moved during a sort
  • Pets in a team can now be sorted to the top of the queue
  • The leveling queue can now be exported and imported


  • Many options were converted to dropdowns
  • Targeting Options has been renamed Interact Options with separate interact behaviors for target or mouseover of saved targets
  • (If looking for Auto Load, it’s in one of the Interact Options dropdowns)

Features Removed

  • Toolbar Option ‘Move Toolbar To Bottom’ was removed to make layouts easier to maintain
  • Standalone Window Option ‘Combine Pets And Queue’ was removed to make layouts easier to maintain, and it’s no longer needed with 3-panel option
  • (If anything else is missing let me know. It may have been an oversight or moved elsewhere. The above two are the only two options intentionally removed that I can think of.)

With 10.2 going live on November 7th, I’m going to target that date for Rematch 5 to go live also; unless there’s any issues that can’t be resolved by then.

Rematch 4 will still work in 10.2 if needed and there’s support for swapping back and forth between versions. Also, Rematch 4 users and Rematch 5 users can send teams to each other and export/imports from Xu-Fu’s etc. will still work; with a minor caveat that new things in Rematch 5 exports/sent teams will be ignored on Rematch 4 clients, such as multiple targets within a single team, color and icon on group exports, etc.


I downloaded the beta a while back and haven’t had any problems with it, until this week. Minor issue, but it doesn’t auto switch between the Feasels at the Darkmoon Faire. Which ever one I do first will load okay but then needs to be manually switched to the other.

Fantastic addon though, probably one of the top three I couldn’t play without, thanks.

Thanks! I’ll take a look.

Is your Interact Option set to auto-load on mouseover? If so, do you remember if you were targeting Jeremy when you moused over Cristoph or vice versa? If you’re targeting one, a team won’t auto-load the other to prevent weird situations where a team will swap in because your mouse wandered over a nearby target before choosing to accept a battle. I’ll double check this is behaving properly.

Just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work on Rematch! The addon is absolutely invaluable and a must-have for Pet Battling. Thank you for keeping it updated and addressing any of our concerns/suggestions!


Thanks. :smiley: It’s been a fun hobby, and I think its success is due to the many suggestions and feedback that have made it better than it would be if left to my own devices.


Did we lose the ability to write / import scripts? Or is it hidden?

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Pet Battle Scripts is a separate addon. It was updated also.

My scripts seem to be there ingame, but I can’t utilize them. I do use Battle Pet Binds, but I can’t start the script any longer.

Both addons are going through updates. You’re best bet for scripts is to check with the script addon author and let him know what issue you are running into. It’s probably just an early bug since both addons are changing at the same time.

Just an update, as of day it worked fine. Switched between the two as normal. Might have been something on my end as a conflict with other add-ons, I do use a bunch. :smiley: Again an awesome add-on, thanks.


Rematch is one of my favorite addons. I use it daily. Thank you!

Since the update, I am not able to keep the small “notes” window open when I close the main pet journal window. Previously i was able to do this. Is there a command or setting I can change so I can keep the notes window open even if I close the main window?


In Notes Options see if ‘Keep Notes On Screen’ is checked. Unfortunately it looks like this may be one setting that didn’t carry over from Rematch 4.

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Heya! I haven’t updated, so I can’t help look, but this person in the Secret Finder’s Discord was wondering if there was an option to bring back displaying the pets on the import teams option

There is presently no option. I can look into adding them back when importing a single team.

edit: It will be in update tonight. And I remember why I took it out; the dialog is kind of long.

Pets will show only for single team imports. If the import is a group with a single team it will display a slightly different dialog which is already as long as the one above so it won’t include pets. Someday multi-group/team imports will display a scrollable list of all groups/teams being imported (albeit not abilities) and groups that contain a single team will fall into this category.

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Passed it along, ty ty ^^

Hi Gello!

Thank you for updating Rematch, I’m still getting used to it.

I do have an issue since this update I ran into tonight. I use the “Rematch string” on Xufu’s site for importing teams. It’s not allowing the team to be made. Am I doing something wrong? I’m pasting the team with ctrl + v.

It’s the colon in the team name.

I’ll let Gello or someone else who has dug into it explain the whichness of the why, but in parsing the team definition, the colon in the name now causes Rematch to complain.

If you remove the colon and edit

Fight Night: Bodhi Sunwayver
to be

Fight Night Bodhi Sunwayver

It will import fine.


Yeah the colon is the problem. It’s a bug in the new version. I should have an update going up this weekend that includes a fix for this.


Thanks to both of you! I’ll give 'er a try. I downgraded to Rematch 4 to import the team I wanted but will try it out when I log back in.

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