Reliwik the Defiant not spawning

I’ve been going to check the area where he should spawn every day for about a month and a half now and while the nest does spawn semi-infrequently (2 times a week at its worst and 4 times at its best) since about 2 weeks it has not spawned the nest more than one time and the time the nest did spawn the egg never showed, which is a known bug. I waited about an hour to see if it would spawn but never did and since that day it hasn’t spawned the nest at all. If there is some RNG factor to the nest spawning in a realm then I guess it could be chalked off to bad luck but other rares in Korthia do not seem to be affected by this. I doubt it’s RNG since it spawns every other day so the chances that it only spawned one out of the 14 days with a 50% spawn chance is 1/8192 withholding the one day it spawned but was bugged.