Reliquary Sight korthia buff

I’m not sure if its a bug but the buff suppose to highlight creatures purple indicating that they drop Relic Fragments. I cannot longer see those creatures and not a single creature drops Relic Fragments for me. Is there a daily cap for this buff or is it bugged?
I tested with a group everyone was able to see the purple mob and dropped relic fragments for them but not for me.

Research Report: All-Seeing Crystal
Item Level 1
Binds when picked up

Use: Allows you to permanently see and find creatures who are carrying Relic Fragments.

I’m getting a similar bug too. After buying the item on my alt, my main cannot see the highlighted mobs whatsover despite also having the “reliquary sight” buff.

Sure enough my main can’t buy the item for himself either.

i havent even played my alt this patch yet. so i cant tell if alts affect it.

Same, after farmed awhile. Not even very long, I could not find anymore mobs with that “purple outline” anymore. Waiting reset to see if it is a daily cap.

I’ve never been able to see the purple outline, the mobs with relic fragments sparkle for me instead (I can still see the relic gatherers though)

You don’t see the outline as purple because you need to have it enable on the system settings bottom right. Make sure “outline” mode is enable, set to good at least. I do have mine enable. But no longer see them or get any Relic fragments anymore.

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Mine was set to good, i set it to high and ill look around again today to see

Oh and you might have to set outline mode under “interface” then “display” the top section under outline mode i have it set to “quests objectives and mouseover(default)”.


That fixed it, thank you! It has to at least have “Quest objectives” enabled to show up.

you are welcome, gonna test to see if with daily reset i can see the purple mobs again.

So after hunting a ton of purple mobs, i noticed it got to a point where I was getting essentially no fragments anymore, even though I could still see the outline. There likely is a daily cap on fragments, but I’ve heard some people are getting to tier 4 already, so i’m not sure.

Yah, the daily cap isn’t much too…

people getting to 4 probably got lucky with rift keys and were able to loot all the chest and some of the extra rares in there. But yes there seem to be some sort of daily cap or something.

There has to be a cap, regardless of display tweaks, I just don’t see them anymore.

It seems like the rares Relic Gatherers and Relic Gorgers may actually be infinite, but they’re so rare it probably wasn’t a huge impact.

Thank you for sharing this, has helped a great deal!

That is unfortunate for those of us that prefer to play the game with Outline Mode disabled. :disappointed: