Released with 8.2?

#NoSharding. Tourists smell terrible

You may be right, but you may not be.

If Classic and 8.2 are released concurrently, Classic will still be there when those that choose to prioritize 8.2 and pathfinder 2 have consumed the 8.2 content and simply “raid logging”.

I would love to see Classic released concurrently with a major BFA content patch. That would definitely help reduce the number of tourists at the start, IMO.

I think 8.2 witj pathfinder part 2 would be a great pattch to time with Classic.

Sure, and no later than 8.2 since WoW isn’t the only MMO in town. I may be super hyped to play Classic, but it doesn’t mean I’m not entertaining the competition.

Point is, the longer they wait to release Classic, the more time it gives people to try out a competitor.

Would Classic launching on or before the same time as 8.2, mean that tourists that end up not enjoying Classic fall back on BFA 8.2 or vice versa? Since the subscriptions are linked, I can certainly see tourists giving them both a go before trying out a competitor.

Releasing Classic post 8.2 means potentially less retention in BFA. If it flops, or if players quickly chew through the content and get bored, they’re back to waiting again, or just finding something else to get hooked on before Classic even had a fighting chance.

My two cents.

I think it would make a lot of sense actually. The biggest hurdle with launch is going to be all the retail players who come to take a peek even if they don’t have any intention of staying long term, it’s probably the major reason they opted to shard the starting zones. Bundling it with 8.2 would help mitigate that.

I wouldn’t get your hopes up…

Dig into the ridiculous justification for this date. Its actually quite funny if you remember not to take it seriously.

While this is ‘possible’, I think that Blizzard is more likely to release Classic “when its ready”, than “when it offsets BfA”. They’re expecting a big subs increase when 8.2 releases, because they’re supposedly “fixing” BfA and want to lure people back to the game. Providing a different “supposedly Golden Age” game at the same time would actually detract from the 8.2 shine by diverting some of the returning people into Classic instead of getting them in to Mechagon and enjoying the area while its shiny and new.

For me, I just think Classic will release when its ready, probably offset a bit from 8.2 so as not to dampen the resurgent BfA subs.

Either before or after 8.2. Not at the same time.

Guys… guys… and gals…

What if…

What if…

Classic releases… tomorrow!

What do you think? Do we have a chance?

One month and one day’s warning please. I need to put my vacation time in.

Releasing with 8.2 does seem a great way to funnel off the tourists.

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It’s a good theory, but for the sake of our mental health I truly hope that Classic releases in June so the wait is not as long.

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That’s not going to be a “Classic summer” which we’ve been told to get ready for. Mid to late August is “Classic technically released during the summer and you can barely enjoy it before the season changes”. Doesn’t have the same ring to it.

But… is it possible that it could release on July 17th?

I am getting ready for a Classic Summer! not “Classic late summer” or “Classic mid summer” but for an entire summer.

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Unlikely. 8.3 probably won’t happen till sometime in fall. Putting that as a winter release. Blizz has indicated in the recent updates that its a summer release.

Or if 8.2’s content proves compelling, an early January 2020 release of 8.3, to ride out the period between 8.3 and 9.0.

My preference would be at the same time.

If Johnny has to make a choice whether to prioritize Classic or BFA, so be it.

July 16 was always about 8.2.
the Classic fan boys jumped on it in some kind of delusional mind warp.

True but I rememebr legion launch was slated for august but didn’t actually release till august 31 (which actually happened to be sept 1st for me)

I doubt it, blizzard will probably release vanilla after their subs dip from 8.2 that way they can pretend it’s a success.