Release date? Asking for a friend (who am I kidding, it's for me)

Oh, I’m not suggesting it’ll be done in august. I just think that’s when it’ll be released. It’s no secret that activision wants yearly releases, or that since Activision bought blizzard 10 years ago, not a single game has been released finished (to the point that they don’t even try anymore)

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if you expect a beta before august, then you are a special kind of snowflake.

We don’t even know if a beta will even exist.


What is the period of summer blizzard is referring to when they say “summer release”?

We don’t know but the astronomical definition is the June solstice to the September equinox. Which Google gives this year as June 21 to September 23.

They could also be referring to June - August.


10 character limit lol


chances of a beta?

you forgot the tm


Oh! I’ve worked out that you can just put an emoji icon instead of the min 10, because technically the forums recognize the emoji as text and they will add the letters needed for the emoji as part of the total numbers of letters needed for the minimum.
Soon :alarm_clock:
(aka: Soon : alarm_clock:, which would be 17ish characters)
Beat the system.


‘Soon’ is the worst 4-letter word. :grin:

Silly Amangina, The next expansion will be great. its thew one after that will be hot garbage. gotta keep the proper cycle going

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would rather you didn’t post at all to writing “soon lmao xDDDDDDD”


Yay I’ll take what I can get!

Sorry to say, but your “10 character limit lol” comment violates your 10 character limit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather he post constant jibberish than you ever post again.

Soon Fresh

I don’t even know who you are. Sorry you fail to make any lasting impression.

I’m going for 23 November 2004


Good! Keep it that way - don’t commit to a date, take your time. We want a perfect red wine, not a Heineken.


Hopefully there’s a beta, gives people a chance to check stuff, and the mod community will want a beta too, to test their work for the launch.

Maybe even just a stress test. Thats months and months from now though.