Classic release date?

Did I miss a release date or is it still unannounced?

It’s still Summer 2019.

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eww thats far away. Ok ty!

The trick with a definite release date will be NOT hearing about it, I think! XD

I imagine any number of folks wish they could hibernate until Summer 2019. I know I do, but for different reasons. looks at this funny white stuff outside and cries

Months and months away. But I’m so bored waiting for it to get here. Nothing seems to hold my interest lately.

This is something that should have happened years ago but stubborn blizzard and their “you think you do but you don’t” attitude while millions of people are playing private servers.

Tomorrow, 10AM. Be there or be square.

Word on the street from the Blues is “Soon™”

I’m hoping more like early June than late August, but I’d rather they get it just right if that means end of summer.

Maybe Blizzard has to complete a Dev version of Pathfinder before they can get something out of it.

“Loot all refrigerators in the building”

“Get revered reputation with anyone”

“Start, and then immediately abandon the questline: ‘Why’d The Stock Plummet!?’.”