Rejoice fellow DH: Buffs are finally here!

Demon Hunter


  • Demon’s Bite damage increased by 8%.
  • Demon Blades damage increased by 8%.
  • Felblade damage increased by 8%.
  • Chaos Strike/Annihilation Damage increased by 8%.
  • Serrated Glaive (Talent) debuff duration increased to 15 seconds, and now retains up to 30% additional duration when refreshed (was 10 seconds).
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Chaos Theory’s (Talent) bonus to crit chance from affecting off-hand hits of Chaos Strike/Annihilation.

As a casual, this is not bad at all. Not bad at all.


This is a fairly nice buff to hold us over until they can rework the talents. I’m surprised it actually happened before the patch.


I mean, its definitely nice to see an 8% increase across those abilities, but in comparison to a number of other classes (ones that already outperform DH) that are also getting buffs and a larger one at that, its not really all that great. I don’t see this really changing where we will be in the hierarchy of damage performance. The only real things I see here is a increase to 1 core ability that accounts for a large portion of our damage and Serrated Glaive making the tier set feel more fleshed out. The others are mostly minimal in overall damage scenarios. I guess time will tell how all this pans out after sims and a few weeks in the new season.

Besides warrior who got buffs that was already out performing DH?

ST damage was a huge issue, they gave us ST damage, not sure what is wrong with this. I actually love to see it wasn’t heavy handed so hoepfully it doesn’t get nerfed 72 hours after it comes out.


ST wise, basically everything except Windwalker, balance druid and Fury warrior. But, given that these increases are mostly ST based, I’m not looking at our performance Overall (we can all agree thats kinda fluffed) as most of the next tier is ST encounters.

My comment wasn’t doom and gloom, I like that they buffed those abilities. But when I also see a lot of other classes getting buffs as well, it kind of takes away some of the excitement. Again, as I said, we will see how it all pans out in the next week with Sims and the next few weeks in raid.

Arms was actually worse on PTR than Havoc DH, btw.

Both Balance and Fury are under DH in pure ST situations. Arms is high which is why I said besides warrior. Rogue was higher in ST as well so I should include them. As far as I can find those are the only 2 that are getting actual buffs to ST that was already higher than us in ST. Rogues were in desperate need of a buff on the PTR though.

very decent buffs, nice to see felblade buffed too, would love to see felblade proc momentum if you charge in with it. only makes since with the playstyle, rush out blade back in would add to some fun.

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In ST? I haven’t seen evidence of that. Overall yes.

Yes… they were worse in ST. Neither of the warrior specs were better than Havoc DH on PTR streams & testing in ST and weren’t really good in ST to begin with next tier. Both needed to be buffed along with DH.


Finally! We got SOMETHING!

The Serrated Glaive talent is fine for me if we didnt have bloated 2 point talents that should be 1 point. There is little to no wiggle room in current builds and its frustrating. Hopefully this is just the beginning and band aid before they actually look into fixing our talent tree.

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