Reintroduce Downvotes

Hi, Downvotes. I’m dad!

Wrong thread? :thinking:


…For some reason, Yes. Yes you can.

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In an ideal world where all people behaved in a mature manner, maybe. However, the number of internet trolls and (although I dislike the word) snowflakes greatly outweigh people such as yourself and are thus more likely to misuse a downvote system.

Maybe they remove downvotes because that may hurt some people feelings.


I should probably also add that while false flagging can be dealt with by proper moderation, there is no such option for false downvoting.

Again. How do you misuse a downvote system?

It’s literally a “I don’t like this post” button. If enough people don’t like it, it gets buried.

All having a post being buried accomplishes is greying it out and making you click a little warning that says “this post got buried, wanna read it anyway?”

As you can see here: #PullTheRipcord

The entire topic is readable, Timbo can still post freely. People just buried his post with flags (specifically RL threat flags, which have a far lower threshold, meaning it only needs like half a dozen flags to bury it).


And turn this place back into Reddit again, where the correct opinion is whatever has the most upvotes?

Where you yourself can lay out concrete data on Raids, and have it simply downvoted because the data is “Unfriendly towards casuals”. For example.

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It’s already like that though.

I would argue that the current system gives even more power to bury people based on minority opinion. It only takes a few flags to hide people if you use the RL threat option.

You can have literally hundreds of people agreeing with you, but it only takes a small handful willing to abuse the flag system to bury you.


Sigh. You’ve gotta be dense to not know how people can misuse a downvote system to bury literally any post that they do not like or agree with even if it voices a legitimate opinion. I understand forums are not always the epitome of free speech but that doesn’t mean anyone and everyone should be given a free pass to profess their dislike as easily as pressing a button.

If you truly disagree or dislike someone’s post or opinion, respond to it with sufficient reasoning to show your disapproval. And if you cannot muster the energy to do the same, then perhaps your disapproval was not important enough to be worth spending even 2 minutes on.

Take away the likes.

Seriously it’s the likes that are making society so polarized. Everyone want’s their likes and best way to do that is to pick an extreme.

A logical and reasoned middle of the road approach to something just makes everyone mad for not fully committing to their team. So society has been learning step by step what gets the most likes and it’s not a balance approach.

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Nah, downvotes just made an echo chamber from people too worried to “break the mold” of whats gamer acceptable. People would down vote things like more customization options and that would get bumped down and not talked about.
They should just remove the hidden thing when something gets flagged.

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I think the flagging/temp forum banning strat has worked well so far…

I do agree with harsher punishments for people who abuse flagging.

Is it misuse if you’re downvoting posts you dislike or disagree with AKA the intended use for downvotes?

They removed downvotes because they’re not used the way they’re meant to. Reddit suffers from the same problem. People can’t handle things like it. They did the right thing. As for flagging posts it just shows what I’m talking about, people will always be people.

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You can dislike legitimate opinions. Your opinion being legitimate and in good faith doesn’t necessarily make it a good opinion that I agree with.

Usually yes, but having a Like/Dislike system allows you to streamline a lot of the posts in a thread.

If someone covers exactly what you’re trying to say, simply saying it again offers nothing to the conversation. The like/dislike system removes a lot of the redundancy in a thread, a 100 post thread where most posts offer discussion is more valuable than a 300 post thread where 200 of the responses are simply “I agree/disagree”.

I mean that’s the main reason why I want downvotes back. I want a clear divide between “this post is NOT okay for the forums” and “I simply disagree with this post”, which the flagging system currently does not do.

By bringing back downvotes, you remove the shield from people actually abusing the flagging system.


I never understood people (Blizzard included) saying that we were “abusing” the dislike feature when that’s literally impossible, we’re all entitled to like or dislike whatever the hell we feel like, all they needed to do was remove the mass dislike burying posts. Instead we have a stupid situation where some people feel like their only recourse is to report a post that they feel is crossing a line.

I agree, bring back the dislike button but don’t allow it to bury things.


The whole thing really would be a non-issue if flagging did not hide things.
It does not even really hide things anyway, just makes it harder to read.

No for downvotes.


How about stop making old content so griefing friendly that they literally want people to grief each other but you have an option to report for “griefing” :roll_eyes:

Who griefs the Griefmen?