Regrinding gear for S4?!

So, I’m excited at the prospect of shorter seasons, but also very frustrated that I’ll need to regrind thousands of honor/conquest to re-gear and get sockets…

Can we either implement the proposed dragonflight change of flat gear (best option)
or increase honor/conq gains by 1000%?

I don’t mind some grind, but the idea that I should need to do 15 solo shuffles to upgrade just my weapon is ridiculous.


supposively they are doing an experimental season in s4. this could be something awesome for pvp

Yea I think wins and losses should award 1k + honor and Conquest per Daily Win to get people geared asap. Allows people to play their alts and enjoy S4 without grinding endlessly.

Blizzard will not allow this as play time metric is important to them (strange) because they still get paid the same per month if we log on or off.


do we know if there are new conduits as well? and are they gonna disable s3 tier sets and time gate everyone for a month again if so that’s omegacringe

I’m honestly dreading this. I am going to lose access to all my alts as well as there’s no way I’m redoing this gear grind on all of them. The silver lining might be we see less fotm rerollers, but I think what’s OP now will stay so until DF so everyone already knows what to focus on.


Yea I’d only play one toon which is viable 9.2.5 and chill till DF. No point to play more than that if there is no new changes for pvp.

Do we even know how they’re handling the next tiers of legendary items? :woozy_face:

prolly new tiers so they can milk wow tokens

wat i wanna konw is are they gonna uncap conquest right away and do u still use flux to get tier sets or do u have to wait 4 weeks to get full tier sets again

As far as I saw there weren’t even another tier of legendaries datamined. No clue what the ilvl would be or crafting mats, or if they will even exist at all. Would be kinda weird for duelist gear to scale above 310 and still have legendaries at 291 though, so who knows.

Kind of concerning that we don’t know how stuff works when the patch is just a few weeks out but maybe they have everything sorted, lol


They posted this earlier:

So big cap for the first few weeks and then fully uncapped. I don’t think the catalyst will close again.

e: found this too for the creation catalyst and tier:

So the charges you have will still be there, can get tier whenever you have the gear for it.


Shorter seasons are good in every expansion but this one. Upgrade costs make it unappealing.


Not trolling Dozer I honest to god want to know what kind of mental illness you have like did you get hit by a car when you were a kid of something

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Yeah same. I’m have a healer buddy I can play with now so that’ll be fun, but getting on the hamster wheel again is just ugh.

Anyone want to play Age of Mythology instead

Watch this video or any of his others. Do you think his forum personality aligns with the person in the video? Of course not. People really need to stop falling for his schtick.

From what my PvE friend was telling me the new raid will only add 1 more layer of gear so the current Mythic gear would be equivalent to Heroic on the new tier. In other words, a 13ilvl~ max on the new stuff. :man_shrugging:

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well hello theyre. thats a really old video.

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