Regarding the "Aiding the Accord" Quests

These weekly quests have temporarily been disabled while some active issues are resolved. They will be reactivated as soon as the updates are applied.

Thank you for your patience.


Question, I started a 2nd character that started with the quest. Finished it quick. Turned it on at level 63 and got a low level green item. Do they give epics? Did I mess myself over by turning it in on that character before 70? I haven’t finished it on this character yet

My guess is they fixing the fact that they are giving out rewards for your class that you cant use. Like intellect only 2 handers to DKs

Current info is that the reward scales with your current ilvl; so it’s advantageous to gear up as high as possible before turning it in.

Any chance of retroactive for the rewards? I am one of the DK’s with the Int 2 hander, haha.

I cast arcane intellect on DKs and Warriors all the time in the hopes that they get a little smarter rather than ME SMASH all the time.

Maybe blizz was doing the same.


I got an agi weapon on my rdruid so it would be nice to have an alternate reward.

I realize this isn’t likely to happen so I’ll settle for it being fixed going forward.

Oh, no. :dracthyr_crylaugh: That’s so tragic.

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Some hotfixes have been deployed and these quests should be available again.


can I trade in my intellect sword for a strength sword please? thanks

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