Regarding Imagine's Leadership

Hello guys, complainer here.

Got kicked out of Imagine arbitrarily for asking questions about a guildie (my cousin) being kicked. I’ll leave you guys the conversation we had, judge for yourselves.

19:44 [Ourobenz]: Yo, what’s good my dude
19:44 [Ourobenz]: I was talking to killer crank and he told me to come to you
19:45 [Ourobenz]: There’s been a bit of a situation with a friend of mine, he was kicked out of the guild for apparent toxic conduct, but he was given no recouse or opportunity to defend himself
19:45 [Ourobenz]: is this something we can talk about?
19:46 [Mahez]: quing some arena atm, whats up dude?
19:46 [Mahez]: sec
19:46 [Ourobenz]: sure, we can talk on discord too if it works for you
19:46 [Ourobenz]: let me know
19:49 [Mahez]: It was multiple, seperate comments from various guild members about him, it is what it is dude. It’s not someone we want to play with or have around
19:49 [Ourobenz]: I understand, the thing is, you guys didn’t check on it, you just made a one sided decision with out any discussion, or fair process
19:49 [Mahez]: i sent him a very clear message as to why today in discord DM, he never responded
19:50 [Mahez]: Now you’re here to plead his case?
19:50 [Ourobenz]: also it argued that he was bad at the game??, how is this an appropriate argument?
19:50 [Ourobenz]: well, I’m doing it on my own accord, cause I’0m worried it can happen to me too
19:50 [Ourobenz]: if someone says I did something
19:51 [Ourobenz]: and I wont be able to defend myself, or have a decission taken by a gorup of people
19:51 [Ourobenz]: something a little bit more trasparent
19:51 [Ourobenz]: i’ve played with him quite a bit, and honestly I’ve never seen him be toxic with anyone
19:51 [Ourobenz]: I’m not saying it’s not possible, but theres been no evidence
19:52 [Mahez]: It was people we knew that he was in the run with, its not some randoms that got in touch. This is not a court of law its WoW and between the multiple complaints about him for guild members then the people that reached out, that was the call that was mad
19:52 [Ourobenz]: was this a decission you discussed with someone, or are you the one who decides?
19:53 [Mahez]: If i left the decission up to the group we would have kicked him sooner, i did talk about it with a couple of the officers
19:54 [Ourobenz]: ok, I just feel you should talk to someone before kicking him out of the guild, not just let him know you did it, but letting defend himself
19:56 [Ourobenz]: Cause right now I suppose it’s not appropriate to show the complaints, I feel it’s not trasparent enough
19:57 [Ourobenz]: so, not showing evidence, and also not letting him defend hiself makes it possible to make just arbitrary decissions
19:57 [Ourobenz]: you gotta choose one or the other
19:57 [Ourobenz]: at least
19:59 [Mahez]: Okay dude, i feel your point of view but at the end of the day, he was a bot player, that annoyed many members (productive ones), I don’t know him or you, he was a problem and not even a contributing member of the guild
20:01 [Ourobenz]: I understand, look, people like to point out others mistakes in this game, this is a common occurence, people get mad, I’m sure you’ve seen it happen, what I’m saying is, anyone can accuse someone of doing whatever, and since this is a group of people
20:01 [Ourobenz]: working together, not some sort of company that has workers, we should all have the assurance we can make our rights, or at least our arguments heard
20:01 [Ourobenz]: if not, things like what I feel is happening right now could happen
20:02 [Ourobenz]: if you don’t have a trial, and don’t make complaints public, it amkes it feel like there’s very little transparency
20:02 [Ourobenz]: and right now, even after I’ve made my arguments he0s not being offered a metting or some kind of trial worries me
20:03 [Mahez]: ive talked about this non-issue longer than i care to, either drop it, or leave
20:03 [Ourobenz]: It’s a non issue for you, ti’s a big issue for us, I don’t want to leave, I want to have answers about a huge deccision that was made
20:03 [Ourobenz]: I wont bother you anymore
20:03 [Ourobenz]: sorry, this wasn’t my intention.

I was swiflty kicked after that, no message, no reason, same as my cousin, never been toxic in my life, I make sure of that, as I hope you can see in this conversation.

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An explanation isn’t owed to you, nor is a public “trial.” It’s a WoW guild, you have no rights. If the guild didn’t want him around, then it’s their prerogative to remove him. Personally as a GM, I would speak to the offending party first, but their guild isn’t my guild and it’s not my place to judge them for it. Move on, find a new guild. They’re a dime a dozen.


TLDR: Outplayed

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After I asked him to drop it, he went to our guild discord and continued on. That’s when he was removed. Then he went into trade chat and now here. My dude, did you try convincing your ex that she still really loved you and her leaving was a mistake?


Just want to make one thing clear, I did not send any messages after that, I tried to talk privately with two other officers but their dm’s were blocked, I did not say anything publicly before being kicked. If you have any record of messages sent to discord feel free to post the screenshot.

just as a last point, that gf comment was really forced, projecting much?

Joke’s on you, I don’t even have an ex.

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No one is shocked that you are extremely single.

Yeah the Guild leadership is A joke over there. They require you to have a raiding alt to have equal points to their inner circle raidersthat have many alts. If you do not then your looked over for a person that does have A raiding alt or many alts. Just because a person does not no life this game should they be excluded when they put in all the effort have? Another thing is If you are not in their small clique of the top dogs they will not bother to invite someone to a heroic they are already gonna do. Even though said member is constantly asking in G chat and LFG They require a person to jump through so many hoops it is ridiculous. I have a friend that quit their guild because of their Gestopo type rules.

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