Regarding AV not being hooked up for War Games

Just wanna follow up and check into this. I’m not sure what you mean by them not being hooked up for War Games. Back in WoD we did War Games in AV several times. Here’s an example:

Or was this intended to mean they weren’t hooked up for same faction? Does retail mercenary mode work in AV? That one I’ve never tried.

Purely for same faction. I think you might have gotten lost, though.

Not lost, just looking for clarity. There’s ambiguity in the text I quoted above. It reads as though War Games were never hooked up for AV, but they were, so I wanted to raise that.

Another point that could use clarification is whether or not AV supports mercenary mode. I’m actually not sure if it does, can anybody say one way or the other?

No idea, merc mode is not a thing here in Classic.

Neither is War Games and yet we have a Classic game mechanic being based off its tech. So here we are, I guess.

'wElL AcScHuLlY"

War Games has been available in Classic from the start; just now they’re letting us queue against randoms and get honor from it.

I’m surprised they enabled it with the large push for no changes and all, but I think that’s great. Still, the point is that they have the capability to put retail mechanics in place in Classic, and clearly they’ve already done so.

I suspect there’s a solution for same faction AV and I’m curious as to why they’re omitting this. It seems like they’re trying something different than merc mode, but if merc mode supports AV then the tech is there.

It’s mainly because Classic was hooked up to the retail client. Pretty sure the Communities feature was working for a while at the beginning, too.

The current fix still isn’t merc mode, though. And I never tried war moding AV before, so I don’t know if the enemy NPC problem existed already or if it’s only with making sure honor is available with it.

Figured AV would be next on the Horde’s list. Give an inch they’ll take a mile.

Then start queueing or get out of the way.

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Yea, it’s a different thing. Personally, I’m on the fence as to which is more appropriate. On the one hand, Merc Mode means that Alliance still has fast queues but also the general pool of less able fighters (call it racials, skill, or whatever, the fact remains). So if you merc, you’re trading faster queues for a lower chance at winning. It means there’s still general incentive to be Alliance, even if it’s trivial.

With this system, there’s no positive to being Alliance. Horde can queue against Horde so they’ll always have fast queues and your team will likely be generally better. However, Horde should return to a more normalized win rate since they’ll be fighting each other now.

So I can see positives on both sides and am not firmly in one camp or the other, with respect to merc mode or same faction queues.

(I’m not suggesting you are either, just commenting on my perspectives.)

When we were doing AV War Games back in WoD we only did Alliance vs. Horde. I don’t know if we even tried to get a same faction thing going. It was a big thing for us on the BG forums, a rivalry with a Horde community who were premading AV at the time. It led to some fun times.

If they say that War Mode doesn’t support same faction AV, I can see how they might not have hooked that up. However, if Merc mode lets you do AV, I think the tech is there. They’ve had the race swap thing in for a while now. In the 8.2 raid there was a set of fights for each faction where you played as the other faction. My Human got swapped to Undead and vice versa. I think that’s how Merc mode works… you just sign up and you play as the other faction?

Anyway, I feel like the npc thing is a solvable issue. If Blizzard is gonna run with this, I think that they might as well do AV also. It’s odd that they aren’t. Or maybe it’s just something they can’t do immediately and are working on it?

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