Refunding a shard when taking a flight path?

I thought when a warlock took a flight path and it despawned their minion you were refunded the shard, but that’s not happening. Bug, or was it like this in Vanilla?

Edit - Don’t know if this was addressed in the little update today but now it’s refunding soul shards.

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It works extremely sporadically. I would say maybe 25% of the time I get the refund. Its extremely annoying to say the least

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It was working for me all the time prior to today. Now I’m not getting the refund.

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This is a strange bug. I’m trying to find a pattern as to why or when it refunds a shard. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t. I thought maybe it worked when you’re in cities, because I was getting a shard flying from Org but not when I flew from out in the world. But sometimes I don’t get one from flying out of Org or UC or TB, and sometimes I do get them from flying from random flight paths out in the world.

Maybe someone else can figure this out. I’ve only tested this with a voidwalker as I don’t have higher level minions yet.

This is all I’ve seen. It should restore shards for pets that you summoned during the same login session. It should not refund a shard if you summoned the pet in a previous login session.


Good find. Thank you, I hadn’t seen that.