Refund for Shadowlands pre-order question

Can I get a refund for my Heroic shadowlands pre-order? I haven’t used the Character boost yet if that would be the only thing preventing it from occuring.

You can open a ticket and talk to billing and see what they say but its also a matter of how long since u purchased it.


It’s only been 3 days…I pre-ordered it after seeing blizzard finally coming to their senses about account wide essences only to see them screw over the pure dps classes that don’t have the ability to unlock the healing and tank spec essences…

Since Shadowlands isn’t out yet, and you haven’t used the boost yet, you should be able to, Arithawn. Our ticket system for refunds will let you know if it qualifies for a refund and process the request.

Try this link here.


Thank you kind sir…or ma’am.

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What a lot of folks often do not realize is that our developers are usually discussing many aspects of game play and player feedback, all the time. There are many situations in which they may later update the functionality of a system based on feedback or game play need and feasibility (i.e. if a system can be updated/adapted easily enough).

Just wanted to pop in an FYI that a recent update was implemented regarding DPS/Tank/Healer variant essences.