Reforged Hosted Weekly GDKP Blackwing Lair Raid

The main goal of G.D.K.P (Gold Dragon Kill Points) is to allow players to use gold as the currency to purchase raid items. Another benefit
of G.D.K.P is that it allows players the opportunity to earn gold for raiding.

How it works
The master looter will collect all items that drop during the raid. Items will always be distributed at the end of the raid unless it is required sooner
due to the tradeable window timer. The process will look something like this.

  1. The Master Looter will announce in raid - Now bidding on X item.
  2. Players will begin to bid on the item. Bids will have a minumum of 10 gold increments. If two players bid the same amount then player who posted it first is considered the top bidder. Any other bidders must outbid that player.
  3. If the bidding processes is taking an excessive amount of time the Master Looter may raise the minimum bid increments to expedite the decision.
  4. The higest bidder will trade the gold for the item with the Master Looter.
  5. Once all items have been distributed the Master Looter will then distribute the gold evenly to each player in the raid.


  1. You may only bid gold you have on hand. Bring all the gold you wish to spend with you to raid.

  2. Once bidding has begun for an item /rsay must be kept clear until the winner is determined.

  3. You may only bid on items within the loot priority list.

  4. Any unwanted items will be open to all classes and roles for bidding.

  5. If you leave early you forfeit your share.

Breaking the Rules
If you are caught breaking any of the rules then you will forfeit your share for the raid and be banned from all future G.D.K.P raids.

Every Thursday 7:00 PM PST

Sign up via Reforged Discord - qcamwxR