Redwood Kalimdor Tribes [H-Globbulus]

Introducing: Redwood Kalimdor Tribes (med-heavy RP, RP-PVP, PVE)

At this time, we are not sure where we are getting the t-shirt made that has Orcs, Tauren (from Redwood Tribe on ED), and Trolls on it, but we stand by the Redwood name and invite Trolls and Orcs to join us under the Redwood Banner as we band together to survive the harshest environments in Kalimdor and fight back against the oppressive Alliance!

in discord winter#3881 for an invite to the ED classic server if interested (and if you are interested in Redwood Tribe in the retail version)

Interviews for council positions announcement below:

(GM) - position is filled
(asst GMs - RP position in Tribes tbd) filled

The following ranks will be given to only one person at a time. Each of these ranks are responsible ONLY for their races and their races only! Any minor changes or endorsements only require 2/3rd majority vote to pass. Any major rule changes to the tribes requires 100% votes or it does not pass.

Each councilor is in charge of the RP structure of their own race as well as making sure they maintain the process in which players should be engaged as they move through the ranking process.

Council 1 (Tauren place holder) Council 2 (Orc Placeholder) Council 3 (troll placeholder)

The next part of this list is generic and designed to allow for anyone to grow into.

Elder (Officer rank)

Mystic , Warrior. (invite privileges)

Tribesman (intermediate rank, moderate guild bank access.)

Initiate (Light Guild Bank privileges, Light guild repair)

Youngling / OOC (for newcomers until they do RP interview with no real privileges)

They should hold no power over the council but more of an ear to listen to their debates or council meetings

Every choice made will be done by the council.

Interview process.

Phase 1: submissions.

I will be using discord to take submissions for officer roles.

Send me a message on discord to Torahate#4755

I want to know your first name. Guilds you have been affiliated with in the past. Which council role (tauren, troll, or orc) you are looking to apply for and just some general things about yourself.

  1. Phase one interview.

This will be a one on one interview where Torahate just asks some questions about you. pretty easy peazy. If he likes what he sees, then we move on to…

    Now when he says group, he means we will have casual conversations with other officers within redwood on discord. Get to know each other and see what you have to offer.

All in all, pretty easy process. People have nothing to lose from applying. We want this next guild we make to be as fun as the first one. The excitement of classic with fun organized play of Redwood. (Wait we were organized before?)

And if you are not familiar with Redwood Tribe on Emerald Dream: We run an online newspaper, many open RP events, including cross faction kick fish contests and bar nights, we never back down from a fight, we raid, we dungeon, we have fun.


Looking forward to making my troll priest to play with these nice people in classic. Join us for the fun!

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We are still looking for someone to lead our Tauren and Orc tribes and be part of the council that leads this new version of Redwood. We can still interview another troll or two, but we have someone in mind for that position.

In other news, we are starting to line up wpvp and rp connections with both horde and alliance that will be sharing Kalimdor with us… until the Alliance are pushed off the continent. For more information: