Recruiting for Shadowlands [H][US][Bronzebeard] <Stonecutters>

Recruiting for Shadowlands [H][US][Bronzebeard]
The Stonecutters - Bronzebeard are looking for Raid members for Shadowlands. We cleared heroic Nyalotha in 8.3 and are looking to clear Heroic Castle Nathria and progress as far into Mythic Castle Nathria as we can during the first raid season of Shadowlands.

We raid on Saturdays from 2 pm till 4:30 pm eastern and engage in guild activities on Thursday evenings starting around 8 pm and going till past midnight eastern. This is usually Mythic+ but if we have enough of the raid team on we’ll start raiding on Thursday evenings.

The thing we value most as a guild is the culture surrounding our guild. We strive to create a relaxed, safe, and forward moving atmosphere for our activities. We want to help each other be better at the game and have fun while doing it. In the end it’s a video game and we don’t want to be stressed playing the game.

The two previously mentioned guild activity times are our only calendar events as of right now but there are initial plans to build a Rated Battlegrounds team for Shadowlands and adding another designated raid time during the week.

We are currently looking to bring on fifteen people.

You can find more information about us and apply through our website here:

www.stonecuttersguild .com