Recruit A Friend Is Now Live!

Dude. They completely restructured the entire system. Every paragraph in the article begins with “the new recruit a friend program”.

It is new.

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nope bc it wouldnt be 4 lvls

This is one of the worse RAF systems I’ve ever seen. Pretty egregious too.


Ugh whatever. Nm the fact the you still have to link your account with another to get a bonus to experience and rep, plus the recruiter gets rewards if the recruitee subs, it’s totally different you’re right. We’ll just go with that to fit the “i hAtE BLizZarD” narrative. I’m not going to argue it anymore.

so stupid to lock the rewards behind a GATE ya lets make a 2 person mount gated behind the 9th month lol wow


Just go get your second account set up and start recruiting yourself already.

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I suspect more people than not referred themselves in the old system. And as the game age AND the average player age increases (I was in my mid-30s when I started, I’m 50 now), it’s just that much harder (more impossible) to find people to RaF. This is just a way to require players to sub an extra account if they want the rewards. It’s a shame multi-boxers don’t automagically get the rewards.


If this was a typo it was the best one ever.


Great no friends play this anymore…

I invited myself to be my friend. They denied my request.


Recruit a friend to play this trash? LAWL

Ya that’s why I’m looking for confirmation. I assume it still is that way, but a lot has changed since the old days of RaF. I wouldn’t be surprised if something has changed here too.

This new system is not about recruiting someone that becomes a recurring subber. It’s all about those that will buy the game and 30 days game time and then disappear into the ether.


you can just go on your own link while logged into your original account… then it will make a new account that is linked to your account with raf… i just did it, and it works

Yeah I just figured it out. I was just really confused about it because support was making it sound like I couldn’t recruit myself.

If this is what they cared about, they wouldn’t have time gated the rewards up to a year.

I don’t think i’d do this, I never did get into RaF but had offers of friends, i just said nah no thanks - This time around, I actually would try this out if i could recruit my friend who has played lots of BfA and played classic… b/c I know he’s not just going to say F this and abandon the subscription… It’s too risky, but not that much of a money cost esp. if everyone pitches in

basically through me having this be the first expans i’ve taken breaks from, i’m not going to just draw a random friend to try to play WoW for a whole 12 months lol. Esp. if they’ve never played, or haven’t played in a while

ya make it be a year of gated Rewards is stupid!!! hopefully they change it but doubtful

I spoke to customer support
if 1 recruit buys 12 months u have to wait 12 months for all rewards
if 12 recruits buy 1 month each u can get all instantly
BUT ingame u can only recruit 4 ppl per month so
u can get the max of 4 rewards per month


ya i know lets punish those who decide to pay for a full year of service thanks for oyur 180$ enjoy your gated rewards