Recruit A Friend Is Now Live!

Nope there gone again because there isnt away to get access to them unless you dod it before the new system, my self i have the option to claim one reward and sesne there isnt a mount i need from it i have to pick a ugly pokemon

I don’t have any friends but if I did I wouldn’t draw them into this garbage fire this game has become.

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Can anyone confirm how the EXP boost works? Do you have to be in close proximity to each other?
Is it possible to have one character in one zone and the other in another zone, or is this not how it works?

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have to be close to each other cant be in different zones, so its best to just do saem quests together in same zones and save save SAVE!!! your level grants for new toons so you cna get more toons lvled faster with free levels

You have tested it today or are you just assuming it works that way?

Apparently you can’t recruit yourself and link your accounts or you lose your RAF rewards. I just asked in Support ticket and they said I’d lose the RAF link and my rewards I’ve gotten so far.

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I for sure won’t be recruiting anyone to come to wow.

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its always been this way when i did RAF with my friends and leveled, thats why they give you the spell to SUmmon so you can summon him to your area and quest.

Also if anyone is wondering new accounts have to be less than 7 days old

ya i made a new account

Why is it only 4 levels? If I’m 120 and want to help my level 100 husband level, why can’t he get the 50% experience?

Both players gain a 50% bonus to experience and a 10% bonus to reputation gains from killing monsters and completing quests while playing with linked friends. To receive bonus experience and reputation, you must meet the following criteria:

Both characters must be in the same party and within 100 yards of each other.
Characters must be within 4 levels of each other.


Party sync should fix that right?

Isn’t it obvious? If you have been giving Blizzard money on a regular basis for over a decade they don’t feel the need to entice you any further.

I agree the FFXIV system feels better. It’s nice to have the occasional “Hey, you’ve been a loyal customer, thanks, have a mount.” Instead of “Hey, do the legwork to bring us more revenue for four quarterly reports and you can have all this fancy stuff.”

Camels are literally my favorite animals in the world and I want that mount but I’m sure as hell not opening a second account over it.


Looks like there’s a few people that will be buying into Blizz’s new monthly cash shop feature.

There will be way more people paying for an extra account than actual recruiting of real people/supposed friends that want to try this drivel.


Yeah but you can’t link them, ever; or you lose your RAF rewards. So you can’t share your mounts, your allied race unlocks, ect.

This was possible with the old RAF system. You could link your accounts and benefit.


New? RAF has been around since Wrath. :roll_eyes:

It’s a whole new system is it not?

Basically nobody will judging by a lot of the responses here. The people who would be recruiting friends aren’t going to want to bring their friends to WoW knowing how they feel about it.

The people that are still blinkered by the mounts and pets are so devoted they are willing to pay for an extra account way before they take the risk of having a friend quit playing before they get all of their rewards.

The goal is to sell additional accounts to already existing players.


It’s still RAF. Just because the reward changed does mean it’s a new system.

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Too bad everyone I knew came back for classic and no one wants to give BFA a try.