Recruit A Friend: Fetch Your Friends for Fresh Rewards

Recruit A Friend: Fetch Your Friends for Fresh Rewards

Get a slew of new rewards with the Recruit A Friend program when you invite your friends to adventure in Azeroth!

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Now all I need is friends lmao


No friends but liked the archeology style rewards more, atleast you guys did something I won’t feel bad not having lol


I’d like to invite my friend to this, but I can’t.

You know who that friend is?


:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


Are the old rewards sticking around in some form or another? I really, really want the Renowned Explorer’s Attire and have only managed to get to 6mo. It’s one of the best looking general, non-combat, non-raid sets y’all have made in a while and I’d be really sad if it’s gone forever.


There are some rewards I really want from the current system. Are those being retired? Do we get to pick? Whats the deal. More info would be great.


As with previous RAF, I think there’s a way to invite yourself on your own BattleNet (so you still have access to pets/heirlooms/mounts/etc). Of course, you’re going to pay for them, but as a bonus/curse, the token price is about to go through the roof.

Really hope we get some sort of notice on what’s happening to old rewards. I’m almost at 12mo and really want that set.


Yeah, I am at 5 months currently, finally got my youngest brother to play and just using him for the rewards haha I don’t care about these new ones as I don’t play a goblin.


I am at zero months because I lack friends or a way to afford to do it myself :frowning:

Losing out on the last stuff is going to hurt :pensive:


I’ve got paid game time on recruited accounts, just waiting for it to count down to give me the last of the current rewards. Am I going to lose out on getting the rewards from the current system when the new one launches?


It is VERY important to me to know that I will still be able to finish the Adventurer’s RaF rewards. I am about to hit 8/12 months of rewards. I want the Transmog and the Skyhopper ALOT more than I want all the goblin gear. Will there be a choice which rewards track you can take? Will these rewards begin immediately after the initial 12 months and replace the 30 days every 3 months? Please don’t snag the amazing set currently on offer out from under me and replace it with this…


same the new ones are…underwhelming and just look like a horde recolor of the already existing sky golem. which i have.


I am halfway through getting the current rewards, please tell me I am not going to lose out on getting the other 6 months of rewards. We really needed confirmation in the article. It’s bad enough we can’t get the older ones at all.


Boy. If only there was a CLASS that made sense to have High tech visors, and gadgets and a Mech suit.

All this cool stuff, tons of Tinker NPC’s Playable goblins and gnomes. No Tinker Class.
Lame. :unamused:


Since, I’m not the only one that doesn’t have more friends to recruit…

I hope there’s a respose from Devs about current rewards compared to the new ones, I also would like to see these rewards in the trading post or another source, because not everyone has more friends to recruit at this point of WoW expansions, I already invited friends during the OLD OLD system and I got the first mounts that I consider should comeback because blocking other collectors from those mounts behind a recruit system doesn’t feel right…IMO


Wish I can get friends…

All of my friends already play this game.


When does this go live? I just checked my RAF window and it is still showing all of the rewards that I have previously unlocked and none of the new ones.

10.0.7 but there’s not any clarification how this new rewards will work with the old ones, if there’s going to be 2 tracks of rewards, replaced…etc