Reclaiming Tomb of Sargeras

Now that the Legion was defeated, there is a chance to rebuild the Temple of Elune and restore Thaldranath back to life. Who would then should take possession of it, the Night Elves (and Watchers), or the Nightborne?

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Most likely the Night Elves as it was a Temple of Elune. I imagine Nightborne who wanted to reconnected with Elune would be welcomed there too(probably with a bit of turbulence at first).


Fel Corruption seeps deep into places and is very hard to expunge. I don’t think the giant black-and-green nightmare temple is going to be anything other than a demon-infested ruin for centuries.

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Considering that’s in Horde territory…I think the Elune church is off the table. And it really doesn’t fit with the way Orcs buid things so it’ll probably be left for the Goblins to mine it of it’s marble for building materials, perhaps to sell to Stormwind or Suramar.

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The Cenarion Circle

Elune temple is in valsharah now. I doubt Nightborne have still a religion after such a long isolation.