Reckoning Bomb. will it make it to live classic?

or will the patch be post hotfix?

although I thought I saw an update where /sit will no longer guarantee being critically hit anymore on classic so maybe that was due to reckoning bomb exploit.

mashing your X button says, “Hold my beer…”

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Reckoning bombs were based on the high stack count, which was removed well before 1.12 and isn’t in Classic.

infinite charges in a reck bomb was nerfed within 24 hours of the kazzak bomb

however, the talent remained in the game in the same form but with a max cap of 4 charges in a bomb throughout the remainder of Vanilla

the talent was then changed in patch 2.0.1 during the TBC pre patch into a tanking talent and instead of 100% guarantee of gaining a charge from a crit, it was changed to flat 10% chance from any damage to allow for your next 4 swings to do a 2nd swing within 8 seconds iirc

Yes that talent still exists. Feel free to get crit.

The x5 (4?) reckoning bomb is what Paladins will probably get.

Still enough to 1 shot an enemy player with a 2h.

a bit of a misnomer

it’s 1 + 4 = 5

your original white hit plus 4 additional swings = 5 total

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Ok that makes sense. The stack/buff is x4.

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Yo, you’re like the Ret Pally super hero. You can tell when people post about ret pallies from afar.

God bless you sir, and thanks for the seemingly endless interesting posts to read about this amazing game - and an even more amazing class!

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I am merely a Servant of God and…


You’re a f****** legend dude :joy::joy:

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