Recap actual class gameplay changes here

please fill in what I’ve missed

  • TBC Prepatch: gave seal of blood to ally rets because of forum tears (Was this the first real class change in classic?)
  • Ulduar: CDs resetting every encounter (well-received, but a very non-blizzlike change)
  • Significant feral dps buff that none of them asked for
  • Made garg haste scale in real-time instead of snapshot (more of an arena nerf than anything, specifically enh/dk 2v2)
  • Continual buffing of rets probably due to forum tears (also apparently a dev plays ret)
  • Mage ignite fixed
  • Several tiny nerfs to warrior (like fiery weapon) causing tears among warr players
  • Hunter skill ceiling considerably lowered with trap launcher

I kind of like all the unpredictable changes, it gives a mysterious and fun vibe. As always there is zero communication so we can only guess at their motives

All I remember was the glyph that removes the taunt effect of their taunt. What other changes did they get?

Warriors also got a glyph to let them cast heroic throw without a cast bar in pve.

They put some dev notes on almost all of the changes. like these

Also fixed warrior bleed munching

This was so top dk dps in raids didn’t require the most absolute degenerate gameplay ever. It only lasted phase 1 and it was hands down the most incredibly dumb way to play.

I recall no discussion of this leading up to TBC tbh, and it was meant to balance both sides and both specs, which makes sense.

Retail started doing this in like late MoP or early WoD, it just means less waiting between pulls if you’re cutting it close on kills.

Bug fixes. Also fixed being able to pop Shield Wall and Spell Reflection and then taking off the shield required to use it (also basically a bug fix).

True, but bearweaving was probably going to be forced to go either way.

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