<REBORNE> [H] Recruiting

REBORNE of US-Exodar was established in January 2007 as one of the server’s premiere Horde raiding guilds. Originally founded as , we’ve relaunched under a new banner for Shadowlands. Join us for what’s shaping up to be our best expansion yet!

Raid Times (EST):
Tuesday: 8:00 - 11:00pm
Wednesday: 8:00 - 11:00pm
Thursday: 8:00 - 11:00pm


Atmosphere & Philsophy:
Back in 2007 we started our guild with the mantra of “we’re serious about being casual” and, for well-over a decade now, that approach has served us well. We aim to tackle the toughest Mythic Raiding that Blizzard can throw at us, but on a schedule that leaves room for, well, life. Much of our guild is now in their thirties–and many of us now have children of our own–so it’s fair to say we’ve had to adapt a bit over the years. Nowadays? We focus on cutting out the BS, avoiding the drama and maintaining a Mythic roster that’s fully-committed to what we’re about.

So what is that exactly? Well, we’re pretty damn serious about making the most of the time we have to get. stuff. done. We may only schedule 9 hours of official raiding a week, but everyone damn-well better be ready for them. EVERYONE is expected to know the fights, have full consumables, and recognize that NO ONE GETS CARRIED.

A Relaxed Min/Max Attitude:
Simply put, quite a few of us thoroughly-enjoy pouring over combat logs, running damage simulations and diving into the latest class/spec theorycraft. That’s just how we roll here. It’s NOT expected that you feel the same way, but you ARE expected to maintain performance reflective of your potential. If not wasting time and still having fun and killing bosses is your thing, hop on our discord or message one of us in game!

Feel free to add us to your Friends list and catch us online!
Rourk#1880 - Guildmaster
Yajin#1381 - Officer