Reasons why gnomes are cool?

My thoughts on the whole High Elf Void Elf thing is Blizz went about the wrong way. What they should have done is given the Alliance High Elves, they could have been made unique looking enough, then added the Void idea with Alleria.


high elves are a horde race. makes as much sense as giving horde humans in that regard. alliance just cant accept how high elf lore developed and yearn for that legolas elf


Totally agree. All because they didn’t want to add HE’s we now have a mess of races.


yea we still dont have playable high elves. and azeroth is flat


If every NPC, ever created, was given a backstory… odds are, we’ve already seen dozens of them. :man_shrugging:

They literally don’t, so let’s not be liberal with our use of words — they work alongside the Blood Elves to thwart an emergent existential crisis, and then immediately divest themselves from the entanglement post haste. They’re neither de facto nor dejure members of the Horde.

This would be like saying everyone literally joins the Alliance when we conspire against Garrosh in MoP, decidedly absurd.

It can be that we never see High Elves, or that we only see them sparingly, but it can’t be both. :man_shrugging:

Why they’re there is irrelevant.

No, it makes me think that people should be ignored if they’re not posting on an Alliance character when discussing the in-universe realities experienced exclusively by Alliance characters.

That might be what you’re talking about, but I find that to be entirely irrelevant to a discussion about sociopolitical changes experienced across a few decades by a race of people that live for hundreds or thousands of years.

Even if those two HE’s were only able to convince one BE every decade to adjoin to the Alliance, their population viability wouldn’t be an issue.

There have been humans on the Horde since the inception of the game. :man_shrugging:


this just proves you guys wish high elf lore developed differently and were always gaslighting and spamming for a fanfiction. idk why you linked this


Reading that seems to explain a lot of their fan fiction considering the SC is neutral as is Dalaran their nation they answer to


Would you be willing to join my group and let me record you walking into the Silver Enclave as a Blood Elf to see what happens? I’ll record it, of course, for science… and YouTube.


lmao a gameplay mechanic =/= lore and the SC dont even have a presence in the most current dalaran

and why not move to stormwind if they actually wanted to serve the alliance LMAO

So, remove the void fantasy for those who like what they were given in the beginning to make spoiled, entitled, greedy and selfish players happy.

We are sharing a race; Blizzard was kind enough to heed your request to fulfill your fantasy. Now you’re asking to remove something other players enjoy.

We are void.

The Horde awaits you for pure elves.


but i dont like the horde and lotr preconceived all my notions about traditional elves and orcs! imma spam until wow lets me play what i want on my preferred faction

Cross Faction is a thing now and in the future guild cross faction.

This is harassing a company by the ways.

I’m not sorry.

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lol. if they really wanted to portray the SC accurately they would just hang out in dalaran all day and never leave. unless the farstriders requested their aid again

You already tried this argument once, it was terrible before and it’s terrible now — why not abandon Silvermoon and move to Orgrimmar, if BE’s want to serve the Horde?


and youve yet to address it. why are they in dalaran and only ever appear when dalaran decides to get involved in a story line? why arent they present in every zone on the map handing out quests like every other alliance race? theyve been around since wrath but never appear solely for the alliance isnt that neat. the only time they appear independent of that context is to aid the horde through the farstriders. if you want to interact with the SC as alliance you have to go to dalaran because they are absent from 99.99% of alliance stories and quests, what a joke. they dont support the alliance like the void elves and never will

and i hope your avatar updates soon

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I’m sorry but I honestly can’t give credence to any statement that claims second class citizenship in a situation that is entire derived from a population mechanic.
All of the actual faction specific game mechanics designed favour the Alliance to make up for the population mechanics.

I somewhat agree, as it was an edited model, but it was nothing like what was represented in game. Even despite the lack of customisation, and after receiving the new customisation (which I believe still leaves Nightborne with the least customisation in game) they just aren’t even close to what was expected.
They are closer to the non-fruit empowered Nightborne than the healthy race in my opinion lol.

That’s true, but as I said, they are not one in the same.
Alleria was a High Elf who steadily gained Void powers over her time on Argus, had a mentor to assist her through the transition and then ate the heart of a void lord to complete her transformation.
The Void Elves are Blood Elves who had already been corrupted by the fel, studied the void magic, eventually got caught by void entities, and were subjected to forced integration with complete void entities (with the intent that the void would be the dominant entity in the merger), which was then halted during the process.

They were never meant to be like Alleria, possibly as you previously mentioned because Blizzard felt it would lack the uniqueness (aesthetically) to warrant being a new race.
You referred to “copy-paste” negatively before, yet an uncorrupted regular form would have been even more “copy-paste” with the only difference being a negative thrown over it during Entropic Embrace.

I don’t believe that is close to the same thing, what you are referring to is exactly the situation of the Nightborne, a race that looks nothing like the in-game version of the race.
Void Elves don’t look like a single main character that has an entirely different evolution process.

Also those trolls exist, the trolls from Zandalar on the Isle of Thunder don’t have the straight backed posture, if those were where the playable trolls came from I can’t see why they wouldn’t be hunched, but instead they are from the capital.

Yep, I don’t disagree with that.

I’m not sure myself, possibly? I’ sure they had some logic behind it, spite? Placation? Who knows.
It was weird all around.

I think they couldn’t risk giving Blood elves something additional without balancing it out, which seems fairly true based on the response of people angry that Blood Elves got new heritage stuff (which I agree was pretty unnecessary)


So edgy

That’s so 2018 and just repeating like a brainless parrot what a lawyer said. You helf haters are the vegans of wow, getting angry about how people enjoy their games.

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It’s hardly strange that a group of High Elves whose loyalties are primarily to Dalaran (and secondarily to the Alliance) would show up when Dalaran was involved — it’s certainly a good thing that the crux of what I originally wrote doesn’t exclusively or explicitly rely upon the Silver Covenant, nor does the de jure neutrality of that organization invalidate any of what was originally stated.

My character is Kul Tiran, so, same.


Is being a vegan supposed to be associated w something negative like you’re making a reach but it’s not quite clear as to what you mean.

In any case I doubt that person you responded to is a “helf hater”

This is the part you quoted and they quite clearly recognize what faction has the playable High Elf race in its story continuation w the capital, Kingdom, culture etc to back it up, so not exactly “helf hating” like you tried to once again reach because recognizing Blood Elves as High Elves isn’t exactly hating them is it?