Reasons why gnomes are cool?

It would be much better if they added the lore or storylines to reinforce that it’s Blood Elves in the Horde and Void Elves in the Alliance, also while they are at it they can add the super voided out updated Alleria model so that she’s actually a fitting leader for the Void Elves.


there is no group aligned with the alliance lmao. unless you mean the void corrupted elves. are you talking about jainas/theramores dead elves? what are you citing?


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  • The Highvale are Alliance (de facto, possibly de jure).
  • The Silver Covenant are Alliance (de facto, possibly de jure).
  • The 7th Legion has plenty of High Elves, which is comprised entirely of Alliance military veterans — suggesting that any/all of these individuals have been longstanding members of the Alliance.
  • Stormwind has housed a permanent population of High Elves since the fall of Quel’thalas, and after Theramore fell they almost certainly experiencing a major migration from them.

As it relates to the last point, I would encourage you to take a minute to actually read about the situation you’re arrogantly alluding to. The novelizations that touch on the aftermath of the mana bomb in Theramore very explicitly state that virtually all of the population survives the ordeal and flees Kalimdor.

And, yes, we can’t forget the Void Elves themselves… whose own words, in-game, demonstrate that their worldview prior to becoming Void Elves is exactly as I described it (and, as evidenced by the happenings in Telogrus, there were clearly more like them living among the Blood Elves begrudgingly that took the first opportunity to jump ship and adjoin themselves to the Alliance).

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the exiled elves who are squatting in abandoned farstrider lodges? if they wanted to be alliance they wouldnt be there LOL

they answer to the kirin tor/dalaran, were literally formed in dalaran and pledged to it, not the alliance

citation please. doesnt sync with dev comments or the little lore that exists about alliance high elves. there are 2 that serve on a airship tho, we have never seen them fight on the battlefield and actually risk their own lives. i will give you that at least. all in line with the devs saying there are only a couple and that they dont support the alliance like the void elves

another citation needed. the only source for a POPULATION in stormwind is the paper rpg. which is a fanfiction now

high elf remnants have chosen to rejoin the Alliance in recent years, arriving to a cold reception.[2] Modern high elves are a rare sight, and are commonly mistaken for blood elves.[15][16]. High elves did not gather in any significant numbers and are a very small group of individuals. [2]

how does this translate to a population in stormwind? literally a couple refugees? LOL

those that couldnt fight were evacuated(women, elderly, children). jainas/theramore elves were always a small group. they were fighters. the ones following her and arthas around after the second war. i find it extremely unlikely they would have abandoned theramore when they were needed the most. they are dead. accept it

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I am not an elf fan but all I see from threads like this doing is hurting the HE community. I’ve run across a couple of those in the HE community that are very organized and seem to genuinely want their HE’s.

Then you have the HE fanatics that seem to always want to push and push and ask for more. Or the HE opposers that start threads to hurt the HE community. HE’s have got a very bad reputation and it is because of the latter two groups from what I can tell.

If Blizz gives you HE’s after having screwed up VE’s for those that liked VE’s where does that leave VE’s now? They will have customizations they should’ve never had and their identity is a mix from too many sources which they should’ve never had.

So in order to appease you, which they obviously didn’t and won’t, you want them to continue to screw up other races till that point? I’m sorry, but it is very obvious that it is not working and it is ruining others’ enjoyment in the process.

I’m against any more playable elves. In fact, I’m against any more repeat playable races no matter how much you change them. No more orcs, taurens, trolls, vulpera, humans, gnomes, dwarves, pandas and any other current playable race. Make only customizations for them if you want to change their look. Lets get some new playable races like Ogre, Murloc, Naga, Sethrak, Furbolg, etc…

Give an inch and they take a mile.

To each their own.


I honestly don’t see a reason to repeat myself here because as a Horde-player you should know that subraces are backed into a main race since WoD.

The whole discussion is just humbug in my eyes because you are biased towards a part of the game you do not agree with it but for every other race it’s fine? So what will it be?

I will move on from the discussion, it reads like a big waste of time. Sorry.

I see your point here but that’s actually not relevant to how Blizzard operates. We have canonically <20 Void Elves and apparently they pop up in masses during BfA with no actual reduction to the Silver Covenant elves?

I think we can meet in the middle here: Blizzard does not care about numbers, they simply make things up along the way.

Perhaps it’s just your headcanon at this point but the majority of people can clearly see that the Silver Covenant is an Alliance-faction. Just one search on the American RP-forums and you get this:

So, what will it be? Cannot they comprehend the situation or is the headcanon with them too strong?

  1. You clearly don’t understand scale.
  2. Adjoining yourself to a faction doesn’t suddenly make you want to abandon your home, and it’s mildly absurd that you think it ought to — I guess if the Blood Elves or Forsaken want to be Horde, they should abandon their holdings and start panhandling in Orgrimmar.

They a group of citizens that exclusively works with the Alliance, that openly supports an Alliance-exclusive Dalaran, and that is given broad permittances by the membership of the Alliance.

As I said, de facto Alliance… quite possibly de jure.

The game itself.

It’s interesting to note that when having these discussions the only people who seem to genuinely believe that there aren’t many High Elves, in-game, are the people who are posting on Horde players… it makes one wonder if they’ve insulated themselves in Orgrimmar so thoroughly that the rest of the game has become invisible to them. :man_shrugging:

The only source necessary is the game. Blizzard has consistently added more High Elves to Stormwind with almost every expansion, despite their de-canonizing of the RPG.

According to Oxford Languages:

a particular section, group, or type of people or animals living in an area or country

If there are two High Elves, there is a population of High Elves. You’re the one trying to turn the discussion into a numbers contest, it’s completely irrelevant for anybody with any intellectual integrity.

It doesn’t matter what you find extremely unlikely, it’s explicitly stated most all of them survived. What part of explicit is confusing you?

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subjective take. nothing to respond to here. but do let me know when highvale elves start popping up out of um highvale

another subjective take. they literally join the horde vanguard in quel’thalas to quell an amani resurgence and exclusively work with the farstriders(horde) to look for alleria in legion rather then bolster the alliance forces(lol) and ofc completely absent from the fourth war along with the rest of dalaran who we knew going into bfa thanks to khadgar wouldnt be picking a side

then why dont they spawn on the ground in bfa? in the warfront or any faction assault where even allied races spawn with 7th legion uniforms. you never ever see them in that capacity outside of 2 staying on an airship

only if you have void elves unlocked and every expansion? thats a flat out lie. the implication is they are only there to seek out the void elves. they werent there before and wouldnt be without the void elves and everybody knows it

does this make you feel better?

no theres 2 elves. if 2 people decide to go live off grid from the rest of society, you dont say theres a population there. theres just 2 vagabonds out there

you wanna talk about obtuse? we are talking about the minimal for a viable population needed for a for a population to survive over time. LOL

stormwind doesnt have that. the elves coming there right now are there to become void elves while the 2 easter eggs will eventually die, maybe leaving behind a half elf that will only become more human with each generation

i go what the devs say which as recently as 2018, state no populations and theres only a couple and they are arent even out there supporting the alliance like the void elves but hey what the hell do the creators of the lore know compared to someone like you


My thoughts on the whole High Elf Void Elf thing is Blizz went about the wrong way. What they should have done is given the Alliance High Elves, they could have been made unique looking enough, then added the Void idea with Alleria.


high elves are a horde race. makes as much sense as giving horde humans in that regard. alliance just cant accept how high elf lore developed and yearn for that legolas elf


Totally agree. All because they didn’t want to add HE’s we now have a mess of races.


yea we still dont have playable high elves. and azeroth is flat


If every NPC, ever created, was given a backstory… odds are, we’ve already seen dozens of them. :man_shrugging:

They literally don’t, so let’s not be liberal with our use of words — they work alongside the Blood Elves to thwart an emergent existential crisis, and then immediately divest themselves from the entanglement post haste. They’re neither de facto nor dejure members of the Horde.

This would be like saying everyone literally joins the Alliance when we conspire against Garrosh in MoP, decidedly absurd.

It can be that we never see High Elves, or that we only see them sparingly, but it can’t be both. :man_shrugging:

Why they’re there is irrelevant.

No, it makes me think that people should be ignored if they’re not posting on an Alliance character when discussing the in-universe realities experienced exclusively by Alliance characters.

That might be what you’re talking about, but I find that to be entirely irrelevant to a discussion about sociopolitical changes experienced across a few decades by a race of people that live for hundreds or thousands of years.

Even if those two HE’s were only able to convince one BE every decade to adjoin to the Alliance, their population viability wouldn’t be an issue.

There have been humans on the Horde since the inception of the game. :man_shrugging:


this just proves you guys wish high elf lore developed differently and were always gaslighting and spamming for a fanfiction. idk why you linked this


Reading that seems to explain a lot of their fan fiction considering the SC is neutral as is Dalaran their nation they answer to


Would you be willing to join my group and let me record you walking into the Silver Enclave as a Blood Elf to see what happens? I’ll record it, of course, for science… and YouTube.


lmao a gameplay mechanic =/= lore and the SC dont even have a presence in the most current dalaran

and why not move to stormwind if they actually wanted to serve the alliance LMAO

So, remove the void fantasy for those who like what they were given in the beginning to make spoiled, entitled, greedy and selfish players happy.

We are sharing a race; Blizzard was kind enough to heed your request to fulfill your fantasy. Now you’re asking to remove something other players enjoy.

We are void.

The Horde awaits you for pure elves.


but i dont like the horde and lotr preconceived all my notions about traditional elves and orcs! imma spam until wow lets me play what i want on my preferred faction

Cross Faction is a thing now and in the future guild cross faction.

This is harassing a company by the ways.