Realm transfer

Hi guys, can i do realm transfer between frostmourne and barthilas ?
If so, how long does it take for one character transfer ? I’m about to move my main from frostmourne to barthilas. Are there any disadvantages upon transfer ?

You can do a transfer between any servers of the same region.

Transfers usually are more or less instant (like, -maybe- a minute or two), but they cover themselves and say it may take some longer amount of time (of which I can’t remember).

There are no disadvantages related to transferring specifically. You may want to research your destination realm to make sure it’s as active as you want on your faction and has a solid economy on the AH though. I know nothing about either realm.

Edit: There are technically gold caps on transferring, but IIRC they got raised awhile back so they’re pretty high and most people don’t have to worry about it. Transferring a guild is the way to get around that if necessary.

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Yes you can. It usually takes under an hour. I can’t think of any disadvantages unless you leave guild related stuff behind on Frostmourne.

I recently did Aman’thul to Saurfang just to move my Horde to be with my other Horde character. Nothing was impacted.

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Takes between 15 minutes and 24 hours (usually it’s under an hour).

Your name may be taken on your target realm so you may have to change your characters name (or if you want to keep/change your name make an alt with that name on your target server and delete when your character arrives on that realm to free the name for use).

There are gold limits per character transfer, but that can all be found in the FAQ on the Blizzard website.


Assuming the new home you like is better no disadvantages.

You will still see frost peeps in sharding even lol.

Takes a few minutes once you pay. No time at all really.

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Yes, you can transfer. Every server has different population, population balance, community, progression and economy.

Best to check before you transfer. Examples of high population.





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Okay. I’ll go check.
Thank you so much guys. Really appreciate it.

Your character bound macros and addon settings (especially the UI ones) will reset, you might want to copy files beforehand if you use any.


One inconsequential but slightly annoying bug when you realm transfer is, both your previous mythic+ progression AND any new mythic+ progression disappears from your profile.

I do M+ all the time, yet profile on this character shows zero. It’s been like this for almost 4 months now.

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Is there a way to fix that ?

Unfortunately no. I even have a thread in the bug report forum with plenty of people reporting this, but Blizzard has never replied or shown any interest to even acknowledge it.

At least RaiderIO still works fine, so it’s not a detriment in-game.

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It does show 0 on the main armory page, but I see runs on the main M+ page, do you not?

Strange that it says you don’t have any on the main page though.

Aaaand they fixed it. Even fixed on the main armory page!
Wow, after four month of silence, I post about it ONCE in the general forum and BAM.

it would be nice to be able to track how long its been since you last moved to a server so you can actually relax and not have to keep checking it over and over again…

Does anyone know if its taking longer to transfer characters now? Its been 24 hrs and my character still hasnt transferred…

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