Realm Transfer - Error

Trying to do a paid character realm transfer off Herod PVP to Grobbulus RPPVP and keep getting this error, “An error was encountered. Please come back later”

i don’t have anything in the mailbox, no pending AH sales. All criteria is met per the realm transfer instructions.

Anyone have any ideas on why the error?

other than that idk

Grobb is locked according to the blue post, pick a different server.


Oh, can you link that blue post?

Grobb is full, you are however able to reroll a new character on the server but you had better have an RP backstory ready to go!

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It’s because transfers to Grobbulus are closed. The blizzard post stated so.

I think it’s because you were caught in between two different layers at the same time so Blizz couldn’t pinpoint your exact location to initiate the transfer. I knew layering was a bad idea. Looks like you’re stuck with us.

That’s a shame because Grobb could use some more horde.

Sigh, yep, such a shame… wonder how long the transfer restrictions will last. Had several RL friends move to Grobb a month or 2 ago… I recently just came back and trying to transfer over there with them.

And why would you make up a lie to tell him, when you know grobb is closed to inbound transfers, and posts above yours restated that fact?

Those are minor details. I believe in the conspiracy that there were two versions of him on two different layers and Blizz couldn’t determine which one was real.

That’s the excuse you are going to give for purposely lying to him?

Blizzard restricted paid character transfers to Grobulus, read the blue posts on the GD forum.

Wut? No OMG it was a hypothesis. A logical methodical hypothesis…

When you’re stuck between 2 layers it means you’re in layer 1 and layer 2. We scientifically know that it’s impossible for a partial person to exist which is why we always round up when doing math on people (unless you’re an orc)

Of course it’s impossible for more than one person to exist on a server at the same time unless you’re a mage but OP isn’t a mage and that ability didn’t exist until a later expansion that occurred in the future.

So what happened with Blizz is they encounters an anomaly that shouldn’t have happened that their current technology wasn’t able to handle. It’s not far fetched I mean look at how wpvp is handled in BFA.

So yes weird things do happened that can’t be explained or addressed by existing circumstances… This maybe one of em and it’s all because of the side effects of layering.

Blizz please bring the server back online. I didn’t mean to say it… I promise.

Seriously stop with the BS, you lied on purpose to the guy
Everybody except you apparently, knows there are not 2 of you, the layer does not matter, there is only one of you, 1 character database.
The transfer does not care where the heck you are standing or what layer it was in.

Stop telling lies to people.

I may have single handily taken down the entire server with my conspiracy theory, for that my fellow Herodians I apologize. It was never meant to cause any harm. No more lies going forward. The guilt is too much.

so did this ever get fixed? im getting the same error after trasnferring my alt from faribanks pvp to benediction pvp. i can move any character besides my rogue. no matter what i do i keep getting the same error message and even when i send myself mail it doesnt change the error message like it would if u had stuff in mailbox or AH. ive sent ss’s to a “GM” and i wait 10 hours for them to tell me my inbox has mail and that i need to clear it when ive sent proof. ive had an empty mailbox for over 12 hours and STILL CANT transfer my rogue.

ive turned off all addons ive deleted and reinstalled the game and still the same error message weather i have mail in the box or stuff in AH someone pls halp im missing gruuls on my unwanted rogue xD