Realm Status Web Page Broken

Just fyi. I went to the Realm Status Web Page here on the blizzard website “” and it lists all the servers as being up. Yet they just went down for a reboot and when I tried to login I received the message “No realms are currently available”.

Now I realize that you (blizzard) may just have the login servers down and that the realms are actually up but not accessible. But, is there anyway you can make it so that the Realm status page actually tells us our ability to login to a given realm? It doesn’t do us any good to know the servers are running if they aren’t letting people on them.


P.S. Wouldn’t you know the moment I post this I was able to connect to the Realm Selection list but all the servers are listed as “Offline” yet the Realm Status web page still shows all the servers up.


There are millions of us who agree. How hard can it be to just make the page work properly? 10 minutes of work?