Realm Statistics from Name Reservation


Hey Blizz and Community that may know more than I do,

Any chance we will get statistics on what classes were created on what servers? I know this would just give an estimate as to what people are actually playing but it might allow people to plan what they want to play more.

I played Mage in Vanilla but I’ve seen the numbers and that is the second most played class (due to viability mainly). I personally don’t look forward to playing the same thing everyone else is playing so I want to know what classes will be less played but still viable in raid situations.

I can look at old data but the community has changed a ton and a lot of people are coming in from current WoW who aren’t going to be aware that some classes just don’t work as well as they currently do.

It would also be nice to see Horde vs Alliance populations. After making my characters on the Faerlina server I heard that a lot of streamers are going to be on that server as well. A lot of U.S. streamers play Alliance and I figure that will draw the crowd to the Alliance side of things. Since I am also Alliance I want to know what proportion of server will be on that side of things. Not just due to queue times for getting into the game, but for BG queue times as well. I played on two servers in vanilla one 49/51 Alliance:Horde, and the other ~40/60. The queue times for BGs as Horde were atrocious and I am hoping to get away from that coming back into Vanilla.

Overall I think that more data is better for community preparation. I love what you guys are doing currently to ensure realm population counts are all high (since a server dying when you are 60 is about the roughest thing in the world [of warcraft]) but it would be nice to have a small bit of the data you guys have available to us as well.

More Data makes us less sadda.


Pretty sure my Paladin class is safe from overpopulation, or rather it will be once all the people who’ve only played post-vanilla Paladins try to level one in Classic :smirk:

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That is very bad idea. The less we know the more even we spread. Once say A/H ratios are disclosed that will be the moment when we will have the A and the H server where factions will roll.

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mage was the number 1 most played class on every Pserver that had charts you could check that i ever saw.

number 1 most played class at 60 i should say if u had every character from level 1-60 warrior was. most people didn’t filter which is why people think this.


If the stress test was any indicator, there are going to be a ton of Warlocks running around. It looked like nearly half the toons in both the Human and Gnome starting areas were Warlocks.

Of course, people may have just rolled them to level fast during the limited gameplay window, and will play something else once the servers launch.


also , can we stop having the SAME tread like 10 times a day?


Faerlina is amassing a large community of Paladins.

We are forming a Paladin Guild. Mainly for PvP.


I assume the vast majority of people just super sped through char creation to reserve names and probably have yet to delete/remake. I assume the vast majority of people still have warriors reserving their names. So I hardly think you can get an accurate gauge till launch on class distribution.

As far as class distribution goes you can assume it will be the same as Vanilla. War, mage, rogue will be most played…Priest, Hunter, Lock in the middle then Pally/Shaman and Druids as the least played.

Giving out the Faction balance is a very, very bad idea for PvP realms. That’s a great way to cause faction balance to go from 60/40 to 90/10. Due to Horde Racials most PvP servers should lean Horde with the exception of the Alliance Streamer Server as you mentioned.

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There are no good statistics for this at the moment.

The three names I reserved are all the same exact race and class. I just wanted to hold the names quickly. Tons of people did this.


Some investigating I did a few days ago resulted in this:

so far here is the breakdown I’m seeing:

class %
druid 11%
rogue 13%
warlock 9%
priest 15%
shaman 8%
hunter 9%
warrior 16%
mage 11%
paladin 8%

This was taken from polls on Discord and Reddit.

If you’re looking for stats on a realm-by-realm basis, you don’t want anything that’s a dump from the servers or from blizz - as was mentioned, this is tainted in that some people just got the one name they wanted and stayed with that, but others reserved 3 characters and will choose the day of, or lastly, some people made chars on multiple realms and will just pick one when they start up