Realm Mergers?

Serious question… What do you guys think of Blizzard doing realm Mergers for all the previous rppvp realms? They all feel hella low pop.

None of this sharding bull that solves nothing really. Would be nice if guilds could actually get some people recruited lol…

Realm mergers arent going to fix the game, or Blizzard.

Any realms ive seen get merged just delay their inevitable death.

They are most definitely not going to fix the game and pop issues. Agreed here. They need to make the game not suck lol

I just feel like it would be a bandaid that would help delay the inevitable. I just think this cross realm bull they’ve been trying to address this issue has solved nothing. None of the guilds I’m in on either faction on any server have enough people to do anything.

When was the last time you saw realms merged? Still I’d rather a delay than an immediate death lol

My original realm got merged in Cata with another. It was still dead.
They kept adding more realms. Its still dead.

They just keep lumping almost every expansion, instead of just deleting or making the game one mega server.

Welp I guess we’re doomed lol

The last bit of hope is fading away day after day.

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Honestly the deadest of dead days in wod weren’t half this bad lol…

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I highly doubt Blizz would ever “reset” the realms, as in consolidate realms down to fewer but more populated realms as it would look bad to investors, but I think that would by far be the best answer. I don’t think realm mergers would hurt ED, but it wouldn’t bring back the spark that was once here.
I think that Warmode works for the majority of the player base, and with how many on ED have it turned off, I think it works for most here.
But one realm, that was RPPvP, with no opt out, would be nice. I’m not even that good of a PvP’er, but I have a lot of great memories fighting.
With that said, Lluagor tried to get things going, and the turn out for planned events was low. The world of WoW has gotten bigger, and the natural guild territory fights are just a thing of the past. WoW has to many chores, and gear disparity for a lot of people to feel good. When it was grind honor and cap your 2 points for the week, a lot of people weren’t sitting ducks with half the HP of someone else.
But I’ll keep holding onto hope.


You guys are corny

Why did the potato start an argument with the corn bread?
It was an agi-tater.

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I know it’s not exactly prime time for the realm, but the realm selection has us listed as a medium population realm, and has been so for most the day.

Not surprising, I was ripping around in korthia the “new” zone in both warmode off and on. Ghost town. Sad days.

Am I missing something or there is no sign of hope anytime soon? Lately all I’ve seen done is removing fart and spit emotes , rewriting old honey quest text and removing RL name references from the game