Realm Connections -- September 24-25

Giving more love to our Brazilian neighbors. We’ve been on the same LFD/LFR servers for a while with you guys and some of our fondest LFR memories were half of our raid being my guild, half being a Brazilian guild, and us desperately using (and failing at) Google translate to try and coordinate, laughing at each other’s attempts, but also still smashing the bosses. Really pulling for you guys to get some kind of realm connection.


I’ll say this again and again, I don’t even play on this server, but #mergeEarthenRing. It needs it. Don’t let this OG RP server die. There are a lot of good people on it.

Earthen Ring was my home server during vanilla and I still have some friends who play horde on it, I am half tempted to return to play with them just to at least do something for the server at this point.


Turalyon and Bloodhoof-Duskwood seemed like a logical connection. Similiar number of players, both NY-based servers. Turalyon has more Horde but whatever.

Merge Arygos/Llane too!

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OR…now hear me out…OR we can just forget this realm nonsense and use sharding to balance populations. Connecting all realms (in a region) is an inevitability and the only real difference between a connected realm and a cross realm is the economic portion which (from a programming POV) is a lot less taxing then the already existing Real Time gameplay portion taking place in the physical world. It also solves a LOT of social problems that cross-realm, LFD, and other similar systems introduced. #ConnectAzeroth

Detailed Arguments Here: #ConnectAzeroth - The Final Realm Connection

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Saurfang - > Cael hasn’t been attempted before, but Saurfang is the last OCE server that really stands out population wise.

I’m hoping that this isn’t the last potential Connection and that more are still on the way. Earthen Ring really needs to be connected, and I know that there are several others also suffering due to their low population.

Please #ConnectEarthenRing!


Bladefist group needs to be connected to the Uldaman group.

27 sets of connected realms that haven’t been touched since 2013/2014. Can’t speak to their true populations, but that’s concerning for many of us when we’re just over a month away from launch.

edit: Honestly though, give the rest of us connections and turn off CRZ so everything that’s broken can stop being broken.


I don’t know how many times I need to say this. Going halfway clearly isn’t solving the underlying problem. We need to connect all realms (in a region) #ConnectAzeroth

Discussion Encouraged: #ConnectAzeroth - The Final Realm Connection

No lol I have never even heard of those realms.

Here here. Earthing Ring is the only RP realm that hasn’t been connected yet. Will we forever huzzah into the empty void? I’ll even send Bricklethumbs kids to mow your lawn too.


I’m completely uninterested in a megaserver. What they’re doing is fine by me, but they need to disable CRZ once they bring the rest of us in line with everyone else.


They will NEVER disable CRZ. CRZ and Sharding are the key tools that keep the server stable for under/over populated areas. Lightbringer IS High Population. I almost NEVER see people from my own realm in the game world. It is always an assortment of people from an assortment of other realms.

That’s why I am arguing for RegionRealms. If they are going to encourage me to play with people in other realms they might as well make it so that I can get in a guild with them and build long lasting friend groups. (Communities don’t cut it I explain my reasoning here: #ConnectAzeroth - The Final Realm Connection)

Please, #mergeEarthenRing or #moveEarthenRing. Whichever you prefer. It’s going to be very difficult to maintain a raid or hold RP events. Other servers do literally everything better. Alliance RP? Moon Guard. Horde? WrA. Both of those also have healthier PvE and PvP scenes as well. We have guilds capable of getting CE but haven’t been able to because we couldn’t keep a consistent roster. Do you know how HORRIBLE that feels? I have personally been trying like hell to get people to trial and transfer here, but realm pop comes up as an issue for potential recruits all the time and we’ve been turned down because of it even though we were otherwise a perfect fit. If you won’t merge us, please at least let us know why. This has been one of the biggest frustrations I’ve had to deal with in this game. If you know a way to invite a man onto a sinking ship and get him to stay there, I wanna know that secret. A lot of our core people have moved on due to population problems, and more are threatening to. This can be fixed. Legion didn’t fix our pop issues, BfA and WoD made them even worse, and MoP was when we first noticed the problem. BfA was even SO BAD that a /who both WM on and off of Boralus has sometimes showed that it had not even a single person from our server in it. Seriously - nothing the game has done on its own has fixed our pop issues since they’ve occurred. So please, throw us a bone here. We always see a few people come back at expansion launch, but then they leave again and take more people with them. It’s extremely hard to recruit good quality people without being CE, and its extremely hard to get CE when you have no people.


You can unconnect Burning Blade, it didn’t need realm connections, thanks

Sharding is fine. CRZ is completely and utterly broken but they refuse to acknowledge it. Still uninterested in a megaserver.


How is it broken in your view? I think it is broken too but at the same time what I think is broken about it can’t be fixed as the proverbial toothpaste will not go back in the tube.

And I had never heard of your realm until I started looking at connection stuff.

So you don’t want to double the number of players on your server?

As a guild master of Nation of Dragons - I agree… we need some love. We need serious mythic raiders and players wanting to push high level keys. I have people on standby in my guild wanting more people… please connect us to something else.