Realm Connections -- September 10-11

If the numbers on wowrealmpopulation are right then there’s 33 horde and 879 Alliance on Amanthul lol. :skull::skull_and_crossbones:

So noob question but will all servers be down during this time or is it just the merges?

Has the lockout issue been fixed? If it hasn’t, I really don’t think more merges should be happening at a time people are extending to push Mythic N’Zoth

In this case, it looks like the realms connecting to Skywall/etc. (for an example) aren’t in that position, but I’d hate to see any guild lose any lockouts they’re saving at this point in the expansion.


When do they ever learn that connecting dead servers with dead servers isn’t going to improve anything?

It sure didn’t succeed last time they did this back in 2014, and precisely why these dead server clusters are once again eligible for round two, some even three, now ending up as some becoming clusters of NINE realms, which is ridiculous.

So when is Ravencrest/Uldaman gonna be less dead?

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8hrs of downtime until 6pm EST in the middle of the week with a couple days notice?? And after just having extended maintenance today?? I think the masks have starved your brains of oxygen.

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Noticed this as well…I don’t see a NA Blackmoore…

Ummm…didn’t this happen on Sept 3? I am on Zangarmarsh and that was supposed to happen on Sept 3.

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Thank you for connecting shadowsong/borean tundra :heart:


Why do you have to keep doing this on a Thursday?!?!?! People are trying to get through Mythic progression and this just keeps screwing with my lockout!

This was pointed out in a previous post: there is no US Blackmoore realm. And I just reviewed the past announcements and there is no mention of Blackmoore being joined to Korgath, Cenarius, Cairne and Perenolde - at least, not one that I can find.

What we need now is Jubei’thos to be added to Dath’Remar and life will be awesome!


Most of these were desperately needed so yay.

Unfortunately, the combination of Mythic raid lockouts getting wiped and the late notice, this has really thrown a wrench in my guild’s plans for this week. Honestly a fix or at least a head’s up would have been nice.

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This is amazing. I dont know the population of Gorana but it has seemed to have little affect on alliance side though I have noticed an up tick in auctions sales though much was just a rival buying me out.

I welcome these changes. Thanks Randy!

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Um … wasn’t this already done last week ?

See post regarding this last week


That is not good.

Yeah players should have a choice in this. :thinking:


Its a backend virtual server with a server ID of 1168, the actual realm that hosts the cluster though, players dont see it but there is a reason why it keeps showing up…

Lol. No, use raider up. Much more accurate.

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Waiting to see Tanaris/Greymane get connected to something…

They’re a ghost town. A ghost town that most of my alliance characters are on, sadly.

Hydraxis needs to merge!