Realm Connections -- August 4

Exodar! Exodar! Exodar!

I can’t afford to buy 600g deep sea bags…

Whats your realm situation?

I’d love to see US-Garrosh merged with some other realms.


Not everyone wants to be on a mega-server. Not everyone cares about Mythic raid progression on their server. Those that do, have already probably moved over to one of the existing servers that meet those needs. Yes, some of the smaller realms to need some connections to help out with the AH, but they don’t need to become clones of (or worse get absorbed by) Illidan, Area 52, and Moonguard.

If there is anything I’ve learned from Classic, it’s that there’s a very vocal population that considers any realm that doesn’t have a 8 hour queue without layering as dead, even though most of the servers as bigger than the original Vanilla servers. But that’s not everyone. Some of us actually avoid those mega-servers because it’s not what we enjoy.

The fact that you want smaller servers paired up with your full one just so you can plunder names from them is exactly why they should never connect small servers to large one.


Please for all that is holy merge Sen’jin. I miss when we use to be a us #1, world 3rd server. There’s almost no one ever around anymore. Server feels like a ghost town.

I sure don’t and merging smaller servers into high population ones is going to result in full servers come shadowlands. I dont’ want to play on a full server with the resulting problems.


This is reasonable. Emerald Dream, which already has a high population, will be left alone, and the remaining former RPPVP servers will now all be connected, creating a server with approximately half of Emerald Dream’s population. Half of Emerald Dream’s population won’t be too bad for the people like myself who prefer a low population server.

I would suggest one more thing: on connected realms, consider making realm “transfers” to the oldest of the connected realms, in this case Maelstrom, free. These “transfers” would of course really involve only a realm name change and potentially a character name change if there was a conflict. Making these “transfers” free would facilitate eventually consolidating the population on a single realm name, which would help with community integration.

If you think free transfers only to the oldest realm name would overly preference that oldest realm, make all transfers between connected realms free, which would at least permit guilds to choose one of their realm names on which to consolidate their guild.

If you don’t even want to do that, at least make the name change service allow you to change your realm name within a connected realm.

For this group, mostly because we don’t want to become minor adjuncts of Emerald Dream, with all of the problems associated with Emerald Dream’s excessively high population. Blizzard did the right thing here.


I don’t think you guys will connect ED to any other realm but I find it amazing that if you lvling on that realm you will not see a real player out in the world questing till you about lvl 108ish. That’s a really bad experience for a new player in a mmo.

Edit: I also believe the number 1 reason for this is warmode it destroyed the server

I added current pop status to their announcement:

  • Drak’thul and Skywall (MEDIUM pop) realms will join the Silvermoon and Mok’Nathal (MEDIUM pop) realms.
  • The Cairne and Perenolde (MEDIUM pop) realms will join the Cenarius (MEDIUM pop) realm.
  • The Grizzly Hills and Lothar (MEDIUM pop) realms will join the Malfurion and Trollbane (HIGH pop) realms.
  • The Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether (MEDIUM pop) realms will join Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, and The Venture Company (MEDIUM pop).

It looks like the old Low pop realms are the new MEDIUM pop realms. Grizzly Hills/Lothar is probably an ultra Low pop connected realm (in old speak) to be added to a HIGH pop (in modern speak) Malfurion/Trollbane connected realm.

There are only seven LOW pop realms indicated in Blizzard’s current realm status list right now (Dreadmaul, Garona, Garrosh, Gundrak, Jubei’Thos, Korgath, Thaurissan). In old speak, they must be ultra-Low pop realms.


Are you talking about leveling in war mode, or with war mode off?

I’m not convinced that leveling without seeing anyone is a worse experience than leveling with constant ganking by maximum level characters.

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Warmode on, literally no point turning it off because you get bonus xp and you never see real players till you get into the new content zones that’s link. If you don’t know rp servers in old zones are not link like other realms that mean on servers like ed lvling by questing feel like a solo player game

While this is welcome news, joining two seriously low groups together, just makes a bunch of realms connected that are still low. I believe low should be connected to high, that way almost all will have connections, and most will only have three realms in their connections. But now I have a group of 5 connected and it’s still low and in need of help.

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Would like to see US-Drenden Get some merged servers, pretty dead over here

Hopefully they merge Blackrock with other servers. Been a dead server for a long time after Oceanic came out.

I know perfectly well since I’m on one. I understand the Emerald Dream borg wants to swallow everyone, but no thanks. We don’t want your crowding, we don’t want your queues, and we don’t want your beginning of expansion auction house interactions that take minutes rather than a fraction of a second.

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I thought the plan was to merge low pop servers. Every other merge in this announcement is medium + medium. Fine, but GH/L to Trb/Malf is medium + high. So how high is “high” and wouldn’t that make this group closer to “full” status than other “high” pop servers?

Do we have login queues to look forward to now, especially once Shadowlands releases? Hopefully Blizz learned from the Classic launch and have plans to deal with this.


I highly doubt it, but are there are low pop servers that have no CRZ and no connections left? I really miss the feeling of community that these servers offered.

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EU-Die Aldor is a thing… thats about the only server that doesn’t really cross realm with anything naturally due to it being isolated in its own data centre

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Maelstrom and Lightninghoof had a rather high rate of returning players at the beginning of the expansion. They’re currently “medium” population - formerly referred to as “low” - but they are at the high end of that category based on the last available data. The merged server should be “high” population in current parlance, “medium” in old parlance.

That’s high enough to be comfortable. Many people consider the even higher population servers to be overly crowded and don’t want to play on them. If that’s what you want, however, server transfers to Emerald Dream or something are probably your best choice.