Realm Connections -- August 27




Since alterac mountains is about to be connected, I wanted to let you all see something weird: on raider io it shows these stats:

Alterac Mountains
The Forgotten Coast


-04:00 (EDT)
-05:00 (CDT)
-07:00 (PDT)

Horde Dominant
Low Population
30k+ characters
61% H / 39% A

But in game it’s marked as full, and normally a realm marked as full has about 100k on raider io, not 30k. I checked if the guild progress was maybe great but not even that, there’s not a single full mythic guild and only 13 hc and 12 normal, I have no idea how they can call it full, in the eu I saw no discrepancies of the sort.

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It’s not like this is some new info as I’ve mentioned it several times in related threads about realm connections.

Yes the raid progression isn’t great at all but we have 10 guilds that has Mythic boss kills, it’s just that we have no guilds with CE (12/12M) - I don’t know why you described our realm’s raid progression worse than it actually is.

Some sort of indicator which people in your vicinity are tradeable with (are merged and not just sharded) would be nice.

That’s a terrible idea, free transfers were one of the reasons Rift is in such a sad state (there are many others, this was one).

They’re a business, not a charity. That being said everything a business does costs money, that includes the maintenance and labor involved with running these optional services.

No, it wouldn’t again see Rift.

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We’ve discovered an issue connecting Muradin and Nordrassil to Azjol-Nerub, Blackrock, and Khaz Modan.

While the other connections will be implemented tomorrow, we’re planning to try this one again next week. We will let you know an exact date and time for it, as soon as possible.

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The really sad thing is some how some of the bottom 10 populated servers haven’t been linked to anything while servers with double and triple their populations have been taken care of. Leaving those poor bastards to twist in the wing and wonder or pay to move when they might not have to.


The bottom 10 servers should be connected to high pop servers imo (the real high pop ones, not the ones that are listed as “Full” or “High” on the realm selection page for unknown reasons when the servers are actually nowhere near full or high).

Maybe they are taking time to determine which true high pop servers they want to connect the lowest populated servers to?

The servers that are actually really screwed are the ones that are already clusters of 4+ realms that are already dead (despite the connections made back in 2014) getting connected to another dead clusters of 2 to 4 realms.

The raiding scene is still going to dead because most of the progression guilds from these servers have already moved onto better populated servers for greener pastures over the years.


Look forward to seeing you, we are a 7 realm family now, that is pretty wild!


Not fine in the least, what game have you been playing? And ED is a part of our connected realms anyway, I see them in the city all the time. All RP realms should be combined or just connected with a non RP realm so we can move into relevance.

There are two possibilities there. One is that the realm has fewer people interested in progression, so it has fewer on Raider IO or in progression guilds even though it has the population by number of people logged on. The other is that Blizzard’s population number accounts for number of accounts or characters on the realm even when they are not playing.

Either way, I don’t think counting high end population content is a good measure of actual realm population. Unfortunately there’s no good public measure of population at the moment.

The healthiest, most populated realms are the ones that have a clear realm identity due to never having been merged. Merging in a low population realm risks that health. Risking the health of a high population realm to save server costs on a low population realms is likely a bad idea.

If they ever get to the point where a realm has such a low population that the revenue from that population can’t support the costs of maintaining the server, even during the new expansion boom, and there are no reasonable realm connection targets other than high population realms, their best course of action would be to shut down the realm entirely and give all its characters free transfers to their choice of realm.

Emerald Dream is not presently connected to Proudmoore or any other realm you may have characters on. You are confusing realm connection and CRZ - cross realm zones.

Emerald Dream does get CRZ with other realms. In fact, all RP realms are CRZ together when the total population doesn’t justify separate shards, including Wyrmrest Accord and Moonguard, so you already have your wish.

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ED is connected to Maelstrom and that connected realm group, whatever you want to call it…I’m not confusing anything. Never alluded to anything with Proudmoore.

And what I’m saying is regarding guilds, economy, and things like that, not CRZ, which is a totally different issue.

I actually play on Maelstrom and they are not connected; you can’t, for example, trade between Maelstrom and Emerald Dream. You obviously don’t regularly play on Maelstrom or its connected realms if you don’t know that.

Maelstrom and its connected realms are fine as they are right now.

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How would a truly high populated realm’s “realm identity” or “health” even be affected with being connected with 1 or 2 of the bottom 10 populated servers? We’re talking about the lowest of low, most dead realms here.

Nobody cares about “saving server costs / costs of maintaining the server”. That’s on Blizzard to worry about.
The players on low pop servers are concerned about how dead their servers are and how hard it is to find good progression guilds / good AH prices & item availability etc.

Emerald dream is connected with nothing else and is in a totally different datacentre from Proudmoore.


It’s an empirical observation: connected realms never grow to be a Sargeras or Illidan or even an Emerald Dream.

If I were to speculate, I’d suspect that the need to use hyphenated names has a chilling effect on realm culture.

“Chilling effect”?

Some hyperbole lol.

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Feel free to propose your own hypothesis.

Not sure why I see so many people in cities from ED then, I did some research and they aren’t connected, but maybe they show up first being another RP realm? Strange.

Sort of supports my opinion, and yea it’s my opinion, that the RP connected realms need more connections still.