Realm Connections -- August 20

This gonna be fun

I have all my Alliance on Proudmoore and Horde on Hyjal so this is fine. If you are on either you would have noticed we are constantly grouped together anyway. Just makes it official.


The connections are happening Thursday, not today.

I have played Alliance on Hyjal since 2009- started on Hydraxis in 2008. I logged in the day after they announced this merge was happening and saw maybe 8 other people in Tradewinds Market. Our guild was one of the originals in Vanilla on Hyjal and as people have gotten older and had kids our participation dwindled. Our GM logs in just enough to keep ownership of the guild but most of the time it’s myself or my husband on alone in our guild. We tried looking for new Alliance guilds but Alliance on Hyjal is a deserted wasteland. I’m super excited to be merging with Proudmoore, maybe now we can find a guild again with similar interests. I’m not willing to pay to move all my characters off Hyjal and likely lose all my names after playing for 12 years- really I shouldn’t have to just to have people to play with. I think Blizzard is probably seeing that this is the case for a lot of Alliance on Hyjal- they just stop playing instead of transferring characters to a more active Alliance server. Blizzard should be balancing factions a bit more- ultimately it benefits game-play and obviously would help their bottom line if it prevents people from quitting because they have no one to play with.

Edit- I had renewed today on the excitement that I would have more people to play with. That’s over now- I was able to get a refund. Thanks for continuing to drive your players away.


For the most part I think the problem is the movement has become like door to door Mormons you can’t ask to leave because if you do you’re automatically a satanist.

Everyone is entitled to a society where they aren’t discriminated against, but they’re not entitled to be liked by everyone.


After processing feedback here, we took another look at Hyjal.

One of our goals with this project was to define “lower population” and then connect every realm that fit that definition (within reason and accounting for a few idiosyncrasies) to another realm or cluster of realms. While Hyjal does indeed fall into our list of lower population realms, we don’t think it’s so low that it will be detrimental to leave it unconnected at this time.

The Hyjal to Proudmoore connection has been struck from this week’s maintenance, and we’ll look at Hyjal again in a few months to see how it’s doing.


Thank you so much for listening to the players from Proudmoore and Hyjal both! And for letting us know!


Excuse me, USA players, I’m here just looking for some feedback or a definitely answer from ours devs: When we, brazilians players, will have something about ours probably connections? We just have 4 active realms and till here nothing about us, we have a lot of players waiting for that to buy realm transfers or not.
Thanks for read.


Why couldn’t you have left trollbane/malfurion alone too - we didn’t need to be connected. We were considered high population and weren’t having any problems.

I believe cancelling this connection was for the best. Even if Hyjal and Proudmoore aren’t as high and full pop respectively as players think, there are plenty of other realms that are definitely low pop and would benefit more from a connection. If you find Hyjal numbers still seem too low in a few months, you could connect it to a realm like Aerie Peak, which is its Alliance-leaning mirror image.


Playing as Alliance on Hyjal has been a miserable experience for years. Merging with Proudmoore not only motivated me to keep playing but to actually be excited for Shadowlands and potentially the opportunity to join an active guild and social community rather than playing effectively solo since Pandaria. Cancelling this plan has eliminated any desire I have whatsoever to remain engaged with this game after 15 years.


There are plenty of other realms they could connect Hyjal to that wouldn’t undermine over a decade’s worth of work making Proudmoore an LGBT safe haven in the game. We already get a ton of trolls just on Proudmoore, but if ANY server is connected, it’d get even worse.

Proudmoore is the most populated Alliance realm and I believe in the top 3 most populated realms period. There is zero reason for us to ever be connected.


The Hyjal to Proudmoore connection has been struck from this week’s maintenance and, rather than use this opportunity at the end of an expansion to have an easy maintenance window, we’ll allow Hyjal to continue to hemorrhage players and population until sometime after Shadowlands is released.
Once Hyjal is in as dire a state as we require to take any action, we’ll take the server down for a day to stitch it together with a few other dead servers and call it good.

Fixed that for you, Kaivax.

I don’t care if it’s Proudmoore specifically that we get connected to, but saying you’ll only connect Hyjal once it’s low pop, rather than taking more proactive steps now (when it’d be a great time to do so, where the maintenance window won’t be a problem) is a real slap in the face.

Stop waiting for servers to actually be dead, and help save them when they still have populations. If you determined Proudmoore isn’t a good fit, that’s fine - but Hyjal should still be merged before Shadowlands.


I never know why they want to listen to the people who complain about their plans over the ones who are pleased with them. There were just as many people saying they support this as those against it but of course, they didn’t make threads.

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I think people should make characters on Proudmoore and see exactly what you guys are so protective about.


It is a little sad to see Blizzard change their mind. I feel a bit foolish for getting my hopes up, too. I thought Blizzard was actually going to do the right thing. Instead, they decided to kick the can down the road.

The funny thing is, they are admitting Hyjal, and by extension their methods of displaying population, are busted. They just decided to kick the can down the road. I feel bad for the Players who got their hopes up because of Blizzard’s false promises.

Instead of laying the groundwork for a successful Realm Connection before the Expac Launches, they decided to let the Game die a bit more, and wait for more people to abandon the game, then connect the servers mid expac? Whatever. Their choice is made.

It strikes me as unfortunate that Blizzard has decided to sit and wait for more people to abandon the game before they decide to fix the dead feeling that is driving players like you away.

Oh well. Blizz is all but admitting this is just delaying the inevitable. And with this flip flopping as a precedent, I imagine the opposition will be emboldened to complain when Blizzard realizes they made a mistake by not connecting the realms sooner. And any supporters who remain subscribed will recall Blizzard’s broken promises, with disbelief and disgust.


Please look into Drenden US // Arathor US we are a small about 3000 TOTAL population server(s) that really needs some kind of fix.


Thank you!!!


Awesome!!! Thank you so much for listening to our feedback Blizzard.

Hyjal is far from a dead realm, and Proudmoore even more so. Neither of these realms will ever need to be connected IMHO. Other realms can benefit so much more from connections.


My toons on Kilrogg would definitely love a merger… my entire guild there is going to be transferring for SL due to the low pop. Not sure if that would be a good candidate for Hyjal or not but there are tons of (non-Proudmoore) realms that could really use some more people.