Realm connection inc

NOOOOOO!!! Don’t do it Blizz! It is nice to be able to play in a low pop setting once in a while.

I’m sure all 15 of LMVC’s players will push us up to ‘full’ status :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly I figured we’d get merged with more than that even, but I imagine they didn’t want to overdo it (expansion launches always see a surge of players for a time). Or they didn’t want to overdo community condensing (less-likely, but maybe).

That said, I wonder if that means the combined total server can hold 5 times as many people because it’s 5 connected realms, or if they physically load all of them together into the space/computing power of one server. I imagine it’s the latter; I doubt they’d waste the hardware leaving them separated like that.

Anyways, that’ll put us up to 5 servers, I think the highest is 6 combined, I wonder how far it’ll go in the future before the walls of servers are removed completely (if it ever comes to that).

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Unless your definition of “low pop” is “I’m the only person ever in Orgrimmar”, I don’t think you’ll see that much of a difference.

It’s one server, sharing one database and therefore auction house. On the plus side, the population will likely stay low enough that we won’t get the kind of auction house lag issues that larger servers sometimes get.