Realm Connection - Characters Missing

Sorry for the duplicate post. Saw it showed my Classic character which I don’t play. But where are my characters that were originally on the Cairne server. They do not show on my server list under the server it was merged to Cenarius or anywhere?


same for me

My characters were there all along. I went to Cairne, my original server and they were there. Strange how they were not showing as character count in the server list. Hope this helps you!

Same for me it says the were merged with Cenarius but that shows nothing for me. I cant find answers as to where my characters are at. Cairne is not on the list at all when I log on. Anyone got any answers?

Cairne will probably be appearing further down the list of servers. I had 2 characters still on Cairne & they were appearing when I looked at the list 5 minutes ago but as soon as I selected Cairne, they disappeared & now I get the character creation screen. I would really like my characters back.