Realm activity

Activity level is hard to discern from the forum activity or signing on mid-week.

How active is this realm on the weekends? I play casually with my brothers (it’s our means of keeping up from far away). We almost exclusively get on Friday or Saturday nights and have been trying to deliberately slow-level, as in read the quests and enjoy the old content.

We’re on Sulfuras right now (primarily as Horde), but are looking to transfer to a more balanced (Alliance/Horde) realm and would enjoy the RP to supplement the content of the game. The realm-population websites suggest this is better balanced, but I want to hear from some players first.



Might be better off on Grobbulus RP-PVP if you want to play with others.
It has pop capable of raiding and Idk how Bloodsail will hold up now that HC challenge has it’s own official servers.
And anyway people doing the HC challenge on Bloodsail don’t necessarily play socially.
But I also think all the RPers left on Bloodsail should overcome their PVP phobia and just transfer to Grobb.
I guarantee it’s nothing like they fear and the powers of the Bloodsail/Grobb remnant communities could really do some RP.


Don’t listen to the druid. They’re clueless as shown by the HC comment… that’s era BSB not wrath BSB.

Our Ally pop is fine. Weekends pick up quite a bit. We have near zero horde. The only balance you’ll find here is one druid spec.

RP can still be found and events are listed in the discord.

If you are looking for a lower pop ally server that has RP we’re fine. If you’re looking for balanced sides, megarealm level pugging options, or being invisible we’re the wrong place.

TLDR: Clears throat and bursts into song. Making your way in the world today…


Right. I always forget people still play wrath. And on a 90/10 server no less.
Well. Enjoy!


This server is heavily populated with alliance as compared with horde. However, because I started out here as horde, I find playing horde easier in many respects. It seems like it is easier to get into raids horde side. For pug dungeon runs, I have found alliance better for finding groups.

This server is not heavily populated as some of the others are. I like the “small town” ambiance of the server.