Really who even needs flying anymore?

I don’t think removing options is ever a good thing.


Fortunately for the disabled players, it’s not up to you.

I’m pretty sure Blizzard cares more about not taking away a QoL feature of the game from the disabled community who play WoW, than bots (who will still pay for a sub and just do what they do below ground like they apparently do in Classic.)

In addition to the facts Thallia has pointed out, I bet another reason you’ve seen fewer bots is because of Blizzard pulling out of China because of the licensing dispute.


I mean you can accuse me of damning people with disabilities but ive never said that, theyll figure out a solution eventually for it… pretty sick honestly to put words in my mouth like that, like what kind of cruddy person does that. Have a good life im blocking you.

Maybe don’t try to get things removed that help people with disabilities and you won’t get called on it.

Sorry that some people don’t fit into your selfish perspective.


What is wrong with you awful people with these kind of accusations. Other than telling one person to grow up and get with the times ive never said anything disrespectful. You are one sad sadistic sob to be saying stuff like that. Grow up kid.

Also, why do you keep talking about multi boxing when that’s not allowed anymore (unless you’re an octopus that can do it manually, which would seem to defeat the purpose of botting, no?)

Uh thats mighty racist of you… I didnt say anything bout these “chinese botters.”
Besides… the client that china uses is completely different than ours…
The reason you’ve not seen as many botters in OUR servers is solely because of dragonriding putting a damper on their little bots and routines. Cannot put someone dragonriding on follow…

And sorry to say… if this is how we stop botting, im all for it. Like i said earlier. Maybe some disabled people can adapt. Like this unit.

What ever you say you anti semite … see i can make up evil stuff about you too


Another poor attempt.

Normal flying doesn’t affect you. It’s being added later per Ion. Deal with it.


As long as there’s an option and it’s not forced. I still like the way the older drakes fly.


Maybe read this mate.
And if you havent seen a druid with multiple other druids on follow just herbing i dont know what to tell you. they were all over the place last expac.

The fan response would see the game shut down.

If they could cut flying out of the game they would’ve done it by now, Dragon flying supplements it but I don’t see it replacing it.

How is this racist?

Blizzard will suspend World of Warcraft in China because of licensing dispute. Games including Hearthstone, Diablo III, Overwatch 2, and Starcraft will also go offline in China in January. NetEase has published games for Blizzard since 2008.


Are you claiming botting/gold farming isn’t big business in China?



For the same reason I’m now a bot: we destroyed their narrative with facts, so they have nothing else to do but make stuff up.


Even if true (its not and there are already bots programmed to use dragonflying) disabled players should not be punished because a 58 billion dollar company cold certainly ban bots if they wanted to.

Your argument is not only wrong but heartless “Oh there’s a potential for bots to use it!” Well guess what? Regular flying IS coming to Dragonflight, its just a matter of WHEN. Those bots will be botting dragonflying and your solution is to punish the disabled people like me who can’t play because of vertigo?

“I got my flying so you disabled people can just squirm in the dirt for 6-12 months, then I will suddenly be A-OK with letting you fly with us NORMAL people”

How very not entitled of you to block an entire segment of the playerbase from even playing the expansion, as long as you are comfortable right? YOU GOT YOURS Not a selfish and heartless thing to say at all


Well… guess I’ll just have to enjoy the lack of botters for now.
So thats cool I guess.

I guess its not that bad. And I guess you are right… maybe dragonriding will be mastered by botters eventually but I honestly think its going to be pretty hard.

But just FYI if I was disabled and couldnt do something I wouldnt make an entire community of people’s experience be diminished and suffer me just because I wasnt able to join in. Just thought I’d add that.

Not sure why they won’t just enable dragon-riding on all Drake, Protodrake, Wyvrn and Pterodactyl/Dire Raven style mounts. These are the four we already have access to, and clearly are rigged to use all dragon riding animations.

The only thing I can think of is that the (frankly a touch lame) Build A Drake feature was built into the reward structure for this expansion. Kind of a weak reason to condemn all flying mounts past to obsolescence, but that seems to be the way it is for now.

Oh I’m sorry if my putting by on a 310 mount THAT WILL BE ENABLED ANYWAY will ruin your experience, I’ll be a good cripple and wait a year so I don’t make you uncomfortable with my vomiting and vertigo. I’ll just suffer in silence so you aren’t uncomfortable, how entitled of me.


LOL at them claiming they’re going to suffer because of nonexistent bots who can’t keep up. :rofl::roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:t4:


Bots have what 15 seconds after a node is tapped to tap it themselves? People dragon riding will have exhausted a node long long before this supposed army of druids will even get there… all these arguments to delay a needed feature for disabled people just fall flat if they would just think about it for a second its infuriating x.x

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