Really upset about low population on a 6 server large cluster

Not kidding. There are 16 people online right now that are level 20-80. Sure, Wednesday night and all, totally gonna be a quieter evening. But comeon, I need something, anything! My guild roster has been beaten with a bludgeon for nearly a year now.

Plenty of friends have left to join other friends on more active servers and the more active guilds that were there. This is not a good feeling, especially when it costs a lot of money to move one, let alone 12 or more toons over to anywhere. IDK what to do. You can’t exactly recruit in these conditions and its not like people are trying to join a server cluster that some would call dead.

Are there any chances of more server clustering? I love the phasing and stuff but if I cant exactly recruit from the local chats then the utility in that regard is lost on me. And… posting it here will likely ensure that nobody ever sees it, which doesn’t exactly make me feel good. But to all the others in my server cluster who may feel this way, I just wanted to say Hi.


Should have moved 1 or 2 toons during the sale. But I’m gonna go down on this sinking server.

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Yup. It’s been a problem for at least a decade now. They clearly don’t care.
Probably because they 're making some $$ from the transfers.

It’s nice that we can now post on the forums without having to be subscribed :smiley:

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