Really? No Flying in next patch?

…Its flying. It gets you from point A to point B, why on earth does it need to be challenging, ITS FLYING. I want to hover, i want to take my time flying, and I have zero desire to deal with arcade esque flying. Dragonriding has its place and is fine, but there’s no reason there can’t be both.


Just miserables spreading misery, usually. Not worthy of your time and energy.


100% this.
Just feels like more control issues over flight yet again more than anything necessary.
They really need to get over it at this point.


I still think they should be used independently and not complimentary. My suggestion is not complicated, and I think its reasoning is sound. Putting both of them together at once I think would take away from dragon riding’s design.

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Buddy I had all the glyphs an hour after the expansion launched. This is not an argument.

It is not.


Dragonriding’s design is to go fast. It’s why it exists complimentary to TBC Flight, whose design is to have perfect precision.

Being bad at Dragonriding should just mean you don’t get to fly at Dragonriding speeds. Not that you don’t get to fly at all. This design does not get invalidated by having TBC Flight alongside it. You still have to re-ground to swap mounts anyway to try Dragonriding again.

Okay? And I didn’t. What’s your point? The idea was new to me and it took me a while.

Pathfinder will be coming in 10.2. Its implementation has not been finalized on PTR. More details will be coming soon. Unlocking pathfinder will allow you to use your non-dragonriding mounts in the Dragon Isles.


Holy crow, a Blue responding in real-time. o.o


nice! glad to hear this


awww yiss finally i can hover and afk

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What’s yours? Did you have one? The challenge in getting the glyphs was finding the things, not reaching them (besides that one at the very highest peak).

And the only way to find them was to either install TomTom like everyone did, or ride your dragon around and let it react when one was close.

The problem you’re making up was already solved.


Yes they will. I’ve brought new players to this expansion. It’s the first thing they do when they get dragonriding.

Which is why I said this can’t be the basis for an argument, because the people who don’t have all the glyphs made that choice to gimp themselves and it’s a minority that has no effect on the overall game.

The feature will have been out for most likely a year or more and this doesn’t mean anything to those who will consistently use dragonriding like me.

I don’t much care if someone wants to go 410% speed and swap around at the end of an expansion. :dracthyr_shrug:

Thank you

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Then maybe I was wrong. Oh well.

you were wrong


And Vladimir Ions war on flying continues.


Lmao you’re gonna feel silly when you look up.



Do we have any timeline (if you can share it) on when Dragonriding in the old world will be available?


Eh, Pathfinder could be as easy as it was in Shadowlands, and it wasn’t that bad this time around because we had Dragonriding.

I do hope come time 11.0 we have Dragonriding and Flying from the start.