Ready to shock the system? (H)

The Undisputed Era has arrived. Time to play the game like it was meant to be played.

IO score? Don’t care.

We are about the people, not the easily manipulated “score” that judges you among the masses. We understand that wipes happen and we learn from them, we don’t throw fits and whine that Blizzard didn’t make it where we can just one shot everything.

Altoholic? You’re welcome here.
New player? We’ve got you.
Need a fresh start? Here it is.
Dungeon grinder? This is your spot.
PvP Sensation? You’re home.

We have two rules: No politics and no religion.

We have one requirement: Relax, it’s just a game.

Come join the revolution. Our core has been together for a long time, and we’re tired of the same old garbage talk. Let’s work on making the game fun. The loot will come, the achievements will be many, and come Shadowlands, we will all shock the system together.

Reach out to me at Krazen#11987 on BNET or /who Undisputed Era in-game and ask for Krazen/Rost. Game on, baybay!